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Monday, January 5, 2015

Germ Warfare

Today is a rather unusual day for me.  I called off sick.  About two weeks ago I developed a mild cold, runny nose for about a day and a half, that's all.  This is how colds normally effect me - here today and gone tomorrow.  On Friday one of my associates, the one who looks like Santa Claus, came in complaining of a vicious cold - sneezing, coughing, bad post nasal drip.  I told him "if it's that bad you should have stayed home."  We constantly deal with the public.  We want to sell them stuff, not make them sick.  Anyway, yesterday morning I noticed the beginning of a sore throat.  Shit.  So about 3 AM this morning, when I woke up to find swallowing very painful, I decided to take the day off.  Around 7 I called the store manager and told him I wouldn't be in.  His comment "I don't have any problem with you taking the day off."

Here it is, about 5 hours later, and my symptoms are pretty much gone.  My glands are a teeny bit sore yet, but my nasal passages are clear; breathing is easy.  I don't take medications, one of my little quirks, unless prescribed by a physician.  Anyway, I probably could have gone into work.  Maybe spread around a little contamination.  Shared a little of my discomfort with a lot of other people.  Practiced a little germ warfare on the unknowing masses who stopped in to buy a gallon of paint.  Nah, it was much easier to make a phone call and go back to sleep until the little dog decided to jump up on the bed with squeaky toy and shove it into my face.  Isn't this why we have 'personal days?'

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  1. Teaching middle school is like working in a petri dish. I work really hard to NOT get sick during the winter. For me calling in sick is more of a chore than actually being there. Teaching is one of the few jobs where I still have to make plans for all my classes.

    Glad you're feeling better!