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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Putin's Nipple Tease

The shooting down of MH17 in the Ukraine has presented Vladimir Putin with a royal, cow flop patty sandwich, hasn't it?  And it's getting worse.  An hour doesn't pass when new articles aren't being published damning both he and the Separatists who allegedly shot down the passenger liner.  One article which caught my attention, claimed the Separatists were stacking the personal possessions into piles.  The first thought through my head was "oh, hell, they're treating them like war trophies."  You know what they say "to the victor go the spoils."  Of course, this isn't really a victory, is it?  One would have thought that while training them how to use their new, old Russian missile launchers, Vlad would have also taught them not to shoot down civilian airliners.  To be honest, I don't think he cares who they shoot down.  His sole interest seems to be for them to suckle, once again, on Mother Russia's teat.  Maybe that's why he runs around with his shirt off so often, to offer them a little nipple tease.

Leftsies or Rightsies?

Putin has laid the blame on the Ukraine, rather then his toy Separatists.  Of course, if that were true the OSCE would have complete access to the crash site, all 16 square miles of it.  But they don't.  I guess someone is afraid they might find something, like a bit of missile casing.  So, who could be so afraid?  Maybe Putin.  The best way to keep a direct link hidden is to bury it deeply, or cart it off to some obscure location.  I suspect quite a lot of the debris will simply disappear.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they've already begun to quietly haul it away in the dark of night.  Supposedly a number of bodies have already been taken, supposedly to be autopsied.  Will they every be seen again?  Who knows. 

As for Putin?  I don't really think he's going to eat that shit sandwich unless forced to by an angry world.  The last I heard the world is pretty pissed.  There were a lot of people from different nationalities on that plane and old Vlad is beginning to lose face.  The real question is whether he wants to look like a dumb ass and continue to back his puppets, or will he throw some of them to the wolves?  And, if he does throw some to the wolves, will the Separatist movement survive?  Just think, he might have been doing all of that nipple teasing for nothing.

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