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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dimon's moral dilemma

I saw yesterday that Jamie Dimon revealed he has throat cancer.  In a way I feel bad for the man, my Dad died of cancer and I realized how truly bad chemo and radiation can be.  However, I also have to be perfectly honest, and though it's sad to admit, I don't really feel sorry at all.  Jamie is the CEO for JP Morgan, one of the largest banking institutions in the world.  Last year he was paid $20 million.  That's right, $20,000,000.00  Wow, isn't that a lot of zeroes?  I won't earn that much money in my entire life, in fact I won't earn that much in 8 lifetimes.  To me he is just a number and nothing more, just as I am to him.  I can say that because one of my 401k's is held by JP Morgan.  They seem to have done a decent job.  It's making money for me.  While I may look at my slowing accumulating dollars and nod, my balance is not nearly enough for Mr. Dimon to sniff at.  I am part of the business.  Nothing more. I am one of millions of other peasants who have investments with JP Morgan.  Do you think they care about us?  In fact, if I and several thousand others pulled our dollars out tomorrow, JP Morgan wouldn't even notice.  That's the sad truth.

That 20 million dollar smile

If I were to be diagnosed with throat cancer do think Mr. Dimon would care?  Of course not.  I'm not worth his attention, which, if you think about it, is a terrible thing to say.  Everybody deserves to have worth.  This is not to say in Mr. Dimon's eyes I am worthless, I'm just not worth enough to  be divvied any consideration.  To be of any value to Jamie my investments would have to be far greater.  They are not now and never will be.  This doesn't really bother me because, no matter Mr. Dimon's net worth is, he's just not worthy of my consideration.  It is a shame that he's going to have to go through chemo and radiation therapy, but doesn't that normalize him in some way.  He's going to have to endure some of the same suffering the general public feels.  Will he empathize with the average person fighting cancer?  Some how I doubt it, which is a moral dilemma for Jamie.  

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