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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Upstairs Dog

 Another short post because I work today.

Forecasters are predicting rain today.  On and off showers are supposed to dampen the entire region, both today and tomorrow, and then temps will drop, if they're right.  But then we're going to have another prelude to Spring with a warming trend.  We've had so many preludes, I'm thinking maybe we should call them an overture.

Lily had decided that she wants to spend the rest of her days upstairs, lounging on the bed.  She has a better view from the upstairs window, downstairs all she can see are the squirrels, upstairs, the FedEx  and UPS trucks are visible almost half a block away.  She goes up and down the staircase as little as possible.  She's a senior dog.  Biggie stopped, too, but he chose to stay downstairs.

I spent a big chunk of time yesterday cutting out one difficult piece of vinyl plank for the kitchen floor.  Lots of cuts, in under the front of the dishwasher, then out for 1.5 inches for the dishwasher cabinet, then a horizontal cut for front of that cabinet edge, and then an 8 inch vertical for the outside of the cabinet.  I was really concerned that I'd break the plank during the final cut because it's very narrow.  That was the most difficult piece I had to cut.

Here's a pic I took of Lily eyeing the staircase yesterday.  She waited until I was playing a game before getting drink of water and heading up to bed.  Sneaky, she is.

And, of course, it's quite amusing how the Republicans are stammering terribly about their Russkie witness, the one who, at least in the eyes of the Kremlin, was going to give them the goods they needed to impeach Biden.  And, who all knew he was a fake?  Comer and Jordan for two.  And now we have Republican Ken Buck saying everything is a lie.  Ouch!


  1. The picture of Lily's actually funny. You can tell she's eyeing that staircase if she wants to make the trip or not.

    And I remember all too well when I did my floor in the apartment. Those little special pieces of floor you have to cut out are a pain.

    1. That was the only, special place that needed cutting, the rest of the floor is going to be fine.

  2. We are getting another false spring this weekend as it is sunny and almost 60 for a few days. I am trying not get my hopes up too much but it sure would be nice if it stuck around for a few weeks instead of a few days. I love Lily's collar.

    1. Our false spring should be starting in about 2 days. And that color's old. Lily and Biggie had matching colors, his was cremated with him, so it's in his urn.