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Monday, February 5, 2024

Joni Mitchell

 Yesterday was sunny, temps in the mid 40s (F).  We have the same forecast for today... and tomorrow.  Later in the week the temps are going to be up in the mid 50s (F).  Like last year, and the year before, this winter is turning out to be rather warm.  I tell people that we have no idea how Global Warming is going to effect Central PA.  For all I know, we might end up being a tropical rain forest.

Up until around 2 in the afternoon, business was steady.  I managed to get 2 measures and a shutter lead.  Management should be very happy.  Today I'll have to call a customer who's having specialty blinds made.  We have his window measurements.  Hopefully, he'll come in tomorrow to have them designed.  I really dislike the blind side of the business... and yes, that's supposed to be humorous.

The Grammy Awards were last night.  Other than the Oscars, I don't watch award shows, though I will admit to have been tempted to turn on Paramount when I got home from work.  I ended up playing Starfield.  I'm beginning to build my first outpost.  But then I also knew I had already missed the one thing I had wanted to watch: Joni Mitchell.  For those who don't know, Joni is 80 years old and is a stroke survivor. She won a Grammy and she sang Both Sides Now.  I was a very big Joni fan... still am.  Occasionally in my books you can find a lines from one of her songs.  For example, in The Body Under Ice, Eli makes a reference to the "hissing of summer lawns."  Anyway, here's a bad video of Joni from last night.

And I'm sure MAGA world suffered a crushing body blow when Taylor Swift made history by being the first artist to win Album of the Year for the 4th time!  One of the funniest things I saw was a picture of her head with Trump's face superimposed over hers.  It must grate him all to Hell to have someone as famous, and, I expect, richer than he is to basically treat him like the shit pile he is.  Except for encouraging people to register to vote, which many have done, she has stayed fairly quiet about her politics.  Believe me when I tell you, MAGA world is terrified that she is going to endorse Joe Biden.  Giver her time, boys and girls, give her time.


  1. OMG Joni Mitchell singing at the Grammys! I did not know she had never performed there (she did win some, though). And that she recovered from a stroke??
    Can you imagine learning to speak again, let alone sing? She was fab. Her keeping rhythm with her cane was fab. Her PRESENCE!
    And you know the MAGAts are gonna be pissed at Taylor no matter what because they see her a somebody who has a huge following with tons of younger people. That's anathema to the MAGAts.


    1. She had a bad stroke. She was found by a neighbor laying on her kitchen floor. And she's 80 years old. She is very sharp, very precise for her age, my most favorite album of hers is Hejira. Give it a listen some time.

    2. Ohhh I'm gonna do that.
      I have Blue and it's absolutely beautiful.