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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Republican Sheep

 Okay, so today's weather is supposed to be a replay of yesterdays.  Warm and sunny in the afternoons, with the temps dropping overnight down into the upper 20s (F).  There's rain in the forecast as well.  The storm that just pummeled California is moving east - they all do.  Sometimes we take a direct hit, at other times they the main storm will move either north or south of us.  

And yesterday tended to be a nappy kind of day.  Not that things weren't accomplished, but it always seems as though the next day after working 3 days, I want some recouperation time.  This usually means at least one nap on the bed with Lily.  That probably won't be happening again.  After she went out for her morning potty,  she ended up on the sofa in the writing room.  That happened with Biggie, too, the stairs are just too much for her.  The same thing happens to people as they get older.  Stairs become a great inconvenience.  

Today might be a bit of a nappy day as well.  I stayed up till almost midnight finishing the second playthrough of Starfield.  Rather than do a 3rd speed run through, I've opted to play the main storyline again, though I don't doubt at some time in the near future I'll put the game to bed.  At some point, Bethesda will drop some new extended content, so I will probably pick it back up when that happens.  

Oh, and I saw this yesterday and thought it cute.

As expected, the Republicans are digging themselves even deeper into their hole, not that they have much of a choice.  This is what happens when the "just say no" party doesn't get their way.  Interestingly enough, this has been a big problem for them since Reagan.  That's when they started believing the lie that there was this silent majority of conservative Americans.  Had that been true, they would have never lost the presidency.  Amazingly enough, there are some who still believe this falsehood.  Except now when they lose, it's election fraud.  They will never stop lying to themselves... ever.

And what about Jimmy Comer's star witness in the faux Biden hearings into possible impeachment being a Russian agent.  Wow!  Never saw that coming from a guy named Alexander Smirnov.  Did the Republicans know?  You can bet they did.  They are a complete and utter failure, and they will continue to fail until the very last one of them is voted out of Congress.


  1. That sheep meme is too funny! I woke up freezing cold today as I had both my windows cracked last night. But boy, next week is going to be a warm one but a wet one.

    1. Spring is definitely around the corner, and I can't wait!

  2. Hahaha oh yes, sheep.
    Those idiots are sending money to the billionaire. Can you imagine?
    And it was sixty here today. Sixty. Absolutely bonkers that temperature in the Midwest. In February.
    And the repugs are aligning themselves more and more with the religulous wrong and the MAGAts and Russia. It's the perfect cocktail of idiocy and power hunger.
    I cackled thinking about Gym Jordan realizing his star witness was discovered to be (another) fraud.


  3. Just like the prosperity gospel preachers who go into churches to fleece their faithful flocks.
    The Republicans odd obsession with the 'criminal Biden family ' is finally coming off its wheels and the sparks are flying. You best believe Smirnov is one of Putin's KGB plants. Now that Smirnov is exposed the Republicans can eff-off. Perhaps the Republicans have been compromised and infiltrated by the Russians longer than we realize. -Rj