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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Here comes the Sun

 Well, more free cardio arrived over night.  Not much.  It's not like the snow we had last week, which was wet and heavy, this stuff is light and fluffy and... well it's not really going to provide much cardio.  Because the temps are at freezing, it's already beginning to melt.  

Yesterday was somewhat more productive than the day before, but not much.  I did get a short bike ride in at San Remo.  However, other things kept cropping and up and interfering.  

I have a conference call on Tuesday with the VA regarding my blood pressure.  Neither I, nor they, are overly concerned that there's been a slight rise.  These things happen as we get older.  If I weren't so active, I might be concerned.  Sedentary lifestyles tend to the bane of every senior's existence.

Wow!  the sun has just burst brightly into the room.  That poor snow ain't gonna last too long.

There are only 2 more editor / readers / reviewers to go before The Body in Motion gets published.  And, as always, many, many notes have been taken on the next book, The Body in History.  Pictures have been printed off, character names have been decided on, and even some bits of chapter 1 have been written.  Here's a smashing pic of a Greek windmill.  I'll bet you can't guess how this plays into the next book.

My sister called yesterday laughing uncontrollably about Trump's $350 million dollar fine.  You do have to admit, it is more than a little amusing.  He shrieked that he's going to appeal, but that would mean putting about 15% o that amount into an account, and everybody suspects that Trump's wealth is as fictitious as his tax filings.  As some have pointed out, right now, he owes over half a billion in fines.  That makes me laugh.  The only thing the Orange Anus has ever been good at is getting people to believe his lies.  

Something interesting to think about:  what will the Republican party do when Trump is gone?  They have invested so much into his deceit, have walked across his bridge of falsehoods to find themselves stranded on the other side.  I suspect that many of them will languish there, waiting for their own demise lost in confusion.  Many will never admit they were wrong.  Instead, I don't doubt some will dream of the coming of a second Donald Trump, they way they dreamed and waited for a second Ronald Reagan.


  1. They really are stupid. They let him in and I'll constantly buy what he sells, and he's gone the party will have been destroyed. I also thought it was a little chuckle yesterday that both sons also got slap on the wrists. And looking out the window today it sure did look pretty.

    1. The only thing he's good at is selling his own lies, everything else he touches dies. The same with his offspring.

  2. The windmill is going to slice someone up into something that looks like potato chips?

  3. Not another Ronnie, we had him for governor in California and he gutted our mental health safety net and began the defunding of our public schools which gradually led to our homelessness crisis today. Now Republicans have baseball has been Steve Garvey running for governor with the same line of BS as Ronnie. -Rj

    1. Steve Garvey... was just laughed at when he tried to debate.