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Friday, February 2, 2024

The Art of Refinement

 Well, it's Friday, the end of the work week for some of you.  Not for me. 

Our temps outside are 44 (F) with a high today expected to be in the low 50s (F), and it's expected to be partly sunny today.  Tomorrow, and for the next 4 or 5 days, our forecasters are calling for full sunshine during the day.  That's fine with me.  Nights are shorter and days are longer.  Soon a spring time will be had by all.

A pic of the new training room will most likely be posted on Monday.  I'm still doing a few changes, like take an old Samsung TV down.  I used it when I was on the treadmill, but now all the equipment faces the big screen, so it's no longer necessary.  I'm thinking about moving it down to the writing room.

I rowed for 15 minutes yesterday, and burned 100 calories.  Nice.  One of the big things I'm going to have to learn is to rely more on the metric system.  Everything is in meters.  Nothing is in Imperial.  Another minor difference is that there aren't very many rowing videos, and those that I've found are "how to," instructions.  I probably just need to refine my search, perhaps look for Rowing on the Thames, or the Seine, or the Mississippi.

And I need you to steel yourselves.  Evidently this picture, and others quite similar are scaring people shitless.

Or perhaps I should refine that comment to say that picture is frightening the Hell out of Republicans.  I, myself, am not a fan of Taylor's music.  Her romance with Travis Kelce is somewhat interesting and I will glance at comments every now and then.  Conservatives, on the other hand, hate Taylor; she gets women to vote, and that's a losing cause for the GOP.  But then Republicans have never had someone like Taylor on their side.  Nope.  They have people like Kid Rock.  In fact, I saw where the Orange Anus is going to be doing some sort of fund raiser with the Kid.  I'm sure that will be a hot ticket.  Taylor spoke out and over 34,000 women registered to vote.  I'm sure that when the Kid speaks out, a certain, small percentage of that number will go out and buy a case of cheap beer.  Republicans will never learn the art of refinement.


  1. It’s in the high thirties here today. Threatening us with almost forty. Heatwave.
    And the repugs fear anyone and anything that threatens their status quo. Republican women are intentionally obtuse.



    1. That tends to happen when you're groomed to be barefoot and pregnant.

  2. If I rowed for 15 minutes and only burned 100 calories I think I would cry. It would have to be at least 1,000 to make me feel ok!

    1. This sounds odd, but it isn't strenuous at all, but then I'm at a lower level. The more tension I add, the more difficult it gets, and the more calories I'll burn.