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Sunday, February 4, 2024

Aging dogs

Sorry, I forgot to publish this yesterday, so y'all are getting it today.

Sunny days are here again!  At least for the next 5 days.  Temps are predicted to climb up into the upper 40s (F), with the occasional venture into the lower 50s (F).  This is quite acceptable.  As far as I can see, with these temps and this amount of sunshine, the grass in my lawn might start to grow.

Much of the grouting in my large backsplash was finished yesterday.  There are a few odd spaces.  They will be completed next week.  I'm also ready to start caulking.  That won't take long.  And the, and I will admit this, I'll have to begin work on the floor.  When I think about going down on my knees, the word ouch does no justice.

In changing up the training / computer room to make space for the rower, I removed the wall shelf that held the sporty laptop.  It was a big of an eyesore, jutting out for the wall.  Still, I needed either a shelf or a desk for the laptop, so I ordered a small standing desk on wheels.  Space is important.

And the NYT had an article on dogs and how long most of the actually live.  It's probably the most precise list I've ever seen. For all you dog owners, here's the link.  Normally, when talking of dog's lives, the number of years we can spoil them is generalized.  Thanks to this list I now know that Boxers usually live 11.3 years.  Lily is 10.5.  Now the spoiling really begins.

And Trump's DC trial has been pushed back indefinitely because the courts have yet to decide if he's immune.  This was the Orange Anus's intention all along.  It's been his MO for decades: sue / delay, sue / delay.  The only time he wins is when someone else caves, so he hires attorneys who specialize in making plaintiff's cases fail, mostly by dragging them out into eternity.  In the scheme of things, he has always been a loser.

I did find it amusing that Trump did have some sort of mini-rally with a phony UAW group.  Yep, that's right.  He bragged another lie, said he was meeting with union workers and then staged it because... well, the UAW wants nothing to do with him.  And the president of the UAW is going quite public, showing America how once again Trump has jumped into another pile of shit.



  1. My friend at one time had three Labs and four cats (???) and we were just talking yesterday about how long her Labs actually lived. I think they all made it to 16, which was amazing - oh except for the escape artist who got hit by a train!

    1. Trains will do that. The average life span is always an average, so Lily could live another 2 years. I doubt that. Boxers are notorious for have heart issues.