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Monday, February 26, 2024

Send $$$ Now

So, I put my phone on the charger last night, though it wasn't centered correctly and failed to charge.  Dead Battery.  Damn.  I hate when that happens.  This is only the 2nd time I can remember this happening.  Now it's nestled in its cradle correctly and should have ready to go when I head off to work.  In the mean time, I've had to use my tablet to get this morning's weather.  Outside, we have partially cloudy skies and they're supposed to stay like that throughout most of the day.  Temps will climb into the upper 60s (F).  No rain today, that's coming tomorrow.

Lily is back to her normal behavior.  Up and down the stairs with little to no problem.  She has gotten pickier about her diet, however, she likes her food ground now, rather than the slices of meat she'd loved for a long time. 

Yesterday, because retail was slow, I endured a long 8 hours of desk time, with occasional breaks to wander the store and talk to friends.  How did I fill that time? Research for the next book took up quite a bit as the story continues to fall into place.  And I also spent some time researching travel packages to Greece.  I figure, I might as well begin looking now.  Many of the include island hopping tours, they don't interest me. This one looks nice.

And, if you're interested in seeing how much interest the Moral Degenerate is accruing here's a nice little website to keep an eye on..

Also, Rhona McDaniel (sic Romney) has announced her retirement from the RNC.  She's stepping down because the Spawn of Satan needs a new influx of cash, and what better spring to tap than the well of the RNC.  Lara Trump is going to be the new co-chair.  Remember, everything Trump touches dies.  So, if you're a loyal Republican, send money now.  Lots of money?   Better yet, give them your credit card number and let them do automatic charges. 


  1. Don't even suggest the automatic charges on those idiots credit cards. Because you know they're dumb enough to do it. A matter of fact he'd even clean out there accounts and sell their house on them and they still wouldn't give a shit.

    1. I personally think that if old conservatives want to give Trump their credit card number, well, more power to them.

  2. Weather is insane.
    It went almost to seventy here today. In FEBRUARY! And it's gonna be warm tomorrow. And snow on Wednesday. So fucked up.
    I saw that Letitia created the interest countdown and I cackled. That's the kind of shit that gets under Cheeto's skin. He and his lawyers are making a lot of noise but they'll have to pony up the dough if the Carroll's lawyers say the word.
    Can't wait.
    As for those fools and their money? Well...


    1. That interest count up (I just realized that it's going up, not down), is hysterical!