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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tulip Time

 Tuesday tops the week with sun!  And it's going to be warm, with temps climbing into the mid 60s (F).  Sixpence said the temps were in the 70s (F) yesterday in the Chicago area, they should be our entre tomorrow... except thunderstorms are also on the menu, possibly a nice, booming desert before the temps drop back down to what is considered normal for late February.  However, according to the forecast, that chill will be only momentary.  We are in a transitional season.

I have an eye appointment this morning because I need to have the old ogglers checked.  I have borderline glaucoma, so I know my optometrist is going to suggest eye drops again, she does suggest them at every exam.  If I go on them, my appointments will be every 2 years, rather than every year.  If only I didn't hate having to put a drop in each of my eyes every day.  We shall have to wait and see.

Even though work was boring yesterday, I did manage to get 2 measures, my goal for the week... well, maybe I got 2 measures.  One of them hadn't been paid for.  The customer forgot his credit cards.  I printed off his appointment and told him that he needed to call in and pay for it within 8 hours to activate it.  He told me he'd call the store when he got home.  That was around 5 minutes before I left, so I won't find out if he called or not until Saturday, when I work again.

And I just zipped down to snap a pic from the side of the house to prove that we are rapidly approaching tulip time.

And, if you've been paying even slight attention to Trump's legal woes, you see that his team of lawyers are not quite firing on all cylinders.  His finances are liquid enough to cover appeals for the $454 (?) million he owes because of his crookery, and so those attempting to represent him are pulling flimsy legal straws out of their asses as they try to keep his ego from crashing into the wall of reality at a very high speed.  Perhaps if he did have his foot on the accelerator things might not be as horrifically terrible as they are, but this is a loser who can't shut his mouth.  They're trying to keep Michael Cohen from testifying at Trump's Stormy trial because Mikey's testimony will be a slam dunk for the prosecutor.  That case starts in a little over 3 weeks.

His niece says his sanity is dangling.  I don't doubt that, and I'm enjoying it.  


  1. Seriously, these temperatures!
    It's sixty already here and it seems it'll go up to lower seventies during the day. Who would have thought?
    And I'm seeing little plants popping up here, too. Isn't it too soon? I thought it was more like a mid-march thing...
    And the Orange Idiot's lawyers are trying of course, to delay, delay, delay. It's Cheeto's tried and true strategy.
    I hope Michael testifies because he seems to dislike the Orange Turd a lot. And he knows where the bodies are buried.


    1. I was just reading how these temps we're having are a prelude of what to expect this summer.... very hot days.

  2. Is sanity's hanging? I didn't even know we ever had any. I too was just at the eye doctors and I just barely have 20/20 vision still. They think my right eye is going to be off a little bit soon.

    1. Don't worry, I'm sure it's an age thing, you're not going to go blind😎😎😎

  3. We are having great temperatures too, but it seems like everyone else is having even better temps.

    1. We're under a High Wind Warning until 7 tomorrow morning, with thunderstorms on the way. Let's hope these warm temps are an indicator of what summer's going to be like.

  4. Poor Trumpy, he thought the Stormy Daniel case was over, ha-ha-ha!
    I'm waiting for the orange-one to keel over dead from all the stress he's brought on himself. Most people would have had a combination stroke heart and attack by now. -Rj