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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Poor Things

 Hello February.  Winter is over 1/3 over!  We're supposed to have on and off sun today, and the temps are predicted to climb into the low 50s (F).  This isn't bad for being almost half way through the season.  That doesn't mean that we're not going to have any surprises.  Nature is notorious for it's undefinable changeability, cruel one minute and kind the next.  

The rower arrived, was assembled, and has taken it's place in the center of my workout room.  I did go for a small row yesterday, 7 minutes.  They recommend you start off slowly, with not too much tensions, since I am, as they put it, doing a new exercise for the first time.  They also recommend that you row almost every day in order to build up your endurance.  That shouldn't be a problem.

Putting the rower together and moving furniture was just about all I did yesterday.  I didn't get the HDMI cable attached from my laptop to the TV, that will happen this morning.  I may remove a wall shelf, or I may keep it in place. We shall see.

Last night I went to see Poor Things.  It's nominated for 11 Academy Awards.  It's very good.  Emma Stone's performance is amazing as an adult woman with the brain of a child, a child who matures under the guidance of Willem Defoe, until she sets out to discover the world on her own.  Poor Things is a fantasy for adults.  The prude at heart do need to be forewarned, there is a lot of nudity and sex, though not erotic or gratuitous, quite often being quite comic.  

And, of course, we're all waiting to hear what the judgement is going to be in Trump's fraud trial in NYC.  Some say as much as $350 million.  That would be nice.  There is one thing you can be sure of, no matter how much his fine / penalty is, he's going to shriek in ALL CAPS on Truth Social.  

Just another reminder about polls and how you should not take them seriously, or approval ratings for that matter.  Reuters published a poll showing Biden with a 38% approval rating, however Quinnipiac poll gives him a 6% lead over Trump (Biden 50% / Trump 44%).  Another poll shows women 22 and older are heavily skewed towards Biden.  That last one might have some veracity, since many women are still upset by the Supreme Court's decision to toss out Roe v Wade.  Also, some context needs to be valued when looking at the number of people who answered their phones to participate in a poll, as well as who's getting called.  Specific target groups who answer can easily tilt the results one way or the other. 


  1. Oh, Poor Things is fab. I also recommend it.
    And I am waiting for the judge slapping The Orange Walrus with at least one hundred million. Let's see if the rubes help him pay THAT one.


    1. Two people walked out, must have been all of the R rated nudity.