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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

This is Them

 Okay, so I've started my weekly, week day weekend..  Nice.  Outside, the temp is 29 (F), which is cold.  The rest of the leaves should fall of my trees now.  Surprisingly, half of the gingko tree still has leaves.  The right half.  All the leaves on the left side fell off.  Odd.

I purchased my washer and dryer yesterday.  Ouch.  I upgraded to sensor dry, or dry-a-matic, or what ever it's called.  If this feature really works, the dryer will shut off once its sensors detect no moisture.  Electric dryers are one of the mail culprits in high electric bills, they and refrigerators make that little wheel on your meter spin nearly at the speed of sound.  We shall see if the extra expense saves money in the long run.

Both appliances are going to be delivered on 11/30.  Also purchased was a stacking kit $39.  I also need to buy the hoses for the water hookup and the power cord for the dryer.  Now tell me, wouldn't you think that buying an electric dryer, the power cord should be included in the price?  Another thing, steam cleaning is included with the washer.  Never steam your fabrics!  Steam is good for cleaning caked grease off your engine block, not your favorite, puffy pink, 100% cotton chemise.  This is them.

So, the results are nearly all in for the 2022 midterms.  This was an historic election for Democrats.  We grew our governorships.  We didn't lose horrifically in the House.  In the Senate, depending upon how the Georgia runoff goes, it's possible we will have 51 seat majority.  Now, wouldn't that be nice.  More importantly, the Republican party is approaching clusterfuck status.  Donald J. fucking Trump did not come through for them.  In fact, he was a drag.  So was abortion.  In Pennsylvania, 57% of the women voted for Fetterman, that alone was enough to get him across the winner's line.  

One of the many things this election did was the GOP, the party that loves to say "shut up, we're in charge," is that a majority of Americans do not want them in charge.  Their candidates stayed mum on the abortion issue because that thing they thought a majority of Americans would cherish, pissed Americans off instead.  They need to keep their socially conservative beliefs, like their religion, to themselves.  Lucky for America, the party is continuing to descend into chaos. The small question is will they learn from this.  Probably not.  The Orange Anus is probably going to announce his candidacy this evening and a majority of MAGA males will enjoy a premature ejaculation.  While attrition will slowly decrease their numbers, that group of losers will not go away any time soon.  


  1. Love the stacking. Great idea and space saver.
    As for Georgia, hopefully it'll work for the Dems. I read the Repugs are suppressing voting by not allowing mail-in voting. Bastards.
    Also, Walker is an idiot. I cannot understand how anybody with half an IQ would vote for him. But hey.
    And Cheeto is having a 'big announcement' today??


    1. Walker evidently got 80% of the white Evangelical vote, which is why he did as well as he did. They know how easily they can control him. Yeah, I did the stacking to save space.

  2. You're absolutely right about the dryer being one of the most expensive things to run! I have one but haven't used it in years. My dryer is called my balcony (or the spare room)!

    1. I have a line down in the basement for the sportwear which needs to be air dried, but otherwise it's the dryer.