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Friday, October 7, 2022


While I know a number of you out there are saying "finally, Friday," I also know there are probably just as many, possibly more, for whom Friday is just another day of the week.  For me, every other Friday is payday, but not this Friday.  Today I will be doing the same chores I do every Friday, with a few added.  My lawn needs to be mown today.  I'll also be rolling up my 100 foot hose and putting it away for the year.  For those who don't know, my property is 125 feet long, so 100 feet does everything I need it to do.

I'm going to start patching the hole today.

I watched the first 2 episodes of Interview with a Vampire last evening.  That sucker pops!  I read the book a long time ago and liked it.  I saw the Tom Cruise version when it came out.  Meh.  Perhaps if Tom Cruise hadn't been in it I might have appreciated it more.  When I was growing up, vampire movies were always gendered, where women were always the prey.  I never could understand that.  Blood has no gender.  This is why when you get a transfusion you don't get to choose between male or female.  In the serialized version on AMC blood is blood, it doesn't make a difference whose neck you're sucking it from.  

I've always liked Peter Gabriel.  Many don't know that a long time ago he was the front man for a little known band named Genesis.  He went solo and the band replaced him with Phil Collins.  On his own, Gabriel has been more than a little innovative.  I'm sure some of you will remember his delightful little ditty "Shock the Monkey," or if that doesn't ring a bell, he had another little hit with "Sledgehammer."  One of my favorite songs was Solsbury Hill.  Written in 1977,  this video, released 40 years later, is an amalgamation of clips from live performances and is rather eye popping.  

 And finally, back to Herschel.  Everyday there is a new word salad.  Christian Walker, whom Conservatives thought they could use to attack liberals, is slicing and dicing his father daily.  Walker's defense is... Jesus.  Son of a bitch!  When Newtie Gingrich begins talking about Hershel's love of Jesus being more important than anything, you have a really big problem.  Selfish, self-centered, with a football stadium sized ego, his neurotransmitters have been misfiring for years.   Herschel's actions have never been any where close to being Christian.  Antiabortion conservatives look bad.  They desperately want to turn Georgia red.  Well, that ain't happening.



  1. Walker's new OJ Defense, the If I Did It defense, is astounding.

    1. I said to one of the Conservatives I work with that if Republicans want to win anything in Georgia, they need to shut him up; the more they cover for him, the worse they all look.

  2. Ohhhh yes!
    This Interview with the Vampire slaps! I binged the first two episodes and will keep watching. Love. Not really 'canon' but fuck that. The gay is on.
    I love Sledgehammer. If there's a cool song about sex, it's that one. Also, both Phil and Peter went on to have huge careers after Genesis, right?
    Oh, Walker. The Repugs are coming out of the woodwork to vouch for him. That alone tells you how bad he is.


    1. No, it isn't cannon, however setting it back in the 1970s with a very white cast would have failed miserably. Yes, both Collins and Gabriel had successful careers after Genesis. though Gabriel avoided Pop music as much as possible.