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Friday, December 3, 2021

Some little Changes

 It Friday, a little after 0600, and I've been up for about an hour:  load of laundry in the washer, a quick scan, through the news, and breakfast eaten.  I had been sleeping in until around 0630, but I have to get my car inspected this morning at 0800, which means I have to leave at 0730 because of traffic.  This is fun stuff, right?

I cancelled my Panda anti-virus yesterday, my current subscription runs until the end of the year.  A long time ago, when I originally signed up, Panda was considered great and inexpensive.  Well, in the years since then the price went up because they were offering services I was already getting, like a VPN, which comes with my Verizon, and password protection, which comes with Google.  And, it did grow expensive.  I will look around and see if there's another anti-virus service that strikes my fancy.

Cancelling my subscription to the NYT is also preeminent.  When I look at how often I click on one of their articles, or opinions, and compare that to the $18 a month I pay... well, it just isn't worth it.  Quite often when you threaten to cancel, they'll drop their subscription price.  If the deal is good enough, I might reconsider.

For those of you wondering how I'm going to spend the hour while my car gets inspected, well, I'm taking this baby along, all 188 pages (and I'm just getting to the denouement).  One thing I am really pleased with are the character's names.  I struggle sometimes with the names, changing them over and over again.  In this book there weren't a lot of changes, and for those who read it... well, you'll get to meet Cookie Lindquist, and Ally Lawrence.  There's Remy Devore and Raj Benet, and of course that inimitable torch singer Sheila Caine.

And evidently that loon Tom Cotton has written an op-ed piece for the WSJ, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, that the real person responsible for the current inflation is Jerome Powell.  Of course, this means that Trump, who put Powell in the position, is also responsible.  Interesting, eh?

Oh, and a number of Republicans voted to increase the debt ceiling.  I'm sure that will go over well with Loser #45.


  1. My aunt and uncle still get the NYT too.

    And it funny when it comes to passing any bills or legislation. Like yesterday approving the budget. IT'S ALWAYS a Repuklican holding everything up.

    1. This is the because so many of them are still members of the party of 'no.'

  2. Oh, those subscriptions. Sometimes it is an extra expense and they do add up.
    Love the names! If I were to ever do Drag, I'd let you be my Drag Daddy and give me a name.
    You know that deep down not all the Repugs like Cheeto or what he did and they do have their own agendas. What pisses me off is that all of those who voted against it, will go back to their constituents and brag about what others did.


    1. They always take credit, though now, thanks to social media, they 'no' votes ae being tacked onto their asses.

  3. I really feel like the tide is turning in the GOP, though there are still a great many Thing 45 lapdogs.

    1. Perhaps because the candidates he backs are failing.