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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

A bit about blessings

 Good Morning.

Because I tv binged the night before, yesterday turned into a bit of a nappy affair, with a quick side-trip to Giant for some groceries.  As is always the case, realized this morning I should have picked up juice, not that this bothers me.  My local supermarket is a mere 3 red lights away.

I did manage to get in a 3.06 mile walk.  My Fenix 6 Pro doesn't track simple walking on the treadmill, I need to put some speed into it, with a dash of incline, so most of my hourlong walk was done at 3 mph on a 1% grade. 

And I put together a little stained glass video for... well, you'll have to wait and see.

I have a Facebook account that I only look at once in the mornings.  I do have friends who constantly scroll through it on their phones.  When they do, I can only wonder what in hell is going through their heads?  

Sometime this morning I'm going to decide if I want to sign up for a course in German.  I tried once before, only to discover the language is difficult.  People who believe English is a difficult language, should sit down and try one in which you can say 'the' 7 different ways.

For those who don't know, there was a time when I dabbled in 'song and dance,' and yes, this is me with my long hair center stage in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Just looking at this makes me laugh

Just a little bit about 'blessings.'  I'm not a big believer in them.  The Cracker Jack Crazies like to believe every time something good happens to them it's a blessing, that they are being singled out because they're special.  They aren't.  On the opposite side of the coin, when something bad happens they don't go around wailing about being condemned, that they've done something that justifies disapproval.  Nope, don't hear that at all.  Then it either becomes bad luck, or they blame someone else.  Here's a perfect example.  A few years ago, my nephew's car was totaled in an accident, he was fine, but suddenly he was in need of a new car.  His wife's father is... you guessed it, a car dealer, so a shortly thereafter he was the owner of a new, white car.  On Facebook, she said this was a great blessing.  A year later my mother passed away.  During her memorial service it began to snow heavily.  We got a lot of snow.  By the time we began leaving the church we had 4 inches on the ground.  Traffic was snarling to a stop all over Central PA.  Guess who tried to leave the church first?  Guess whose car got stuck, unable to make it up the smallest of several hill on the only road  into the church?  Guess whose car kept everybody from leaving the church?  That's right the 'blessing.'  Except for me.  I drive a Subaru, a car that was not a blessing, but a car that handles the snow very well.  It took everybody else almost 9 hours to get home.  Me?  I stopped off after an hour and a half of slow traffic to pick up a bottle of wine to celebrate.


  1. Ha!
    loved the story of the blessings. It's true, people keep talking about 'blessings' and most time they are not really blessings. But you know, religiosity is an affliction. It's in the DSM.
    And we have to talk about your theater days. Oh, yes, we must. Hello, there Dave... what long legs you have...


    1. Hold onto your seat, I have a 29" inseam... At almost 6 feet, I'm all torso.

  2. I learned languages at school because I loved them, but I had so much going on at the time that German pretty much passed over my head. That being said, working in Switzerland where everything is written in at least three languages (German, French and Italian), if not four (+English), it was amazing how much came back to me (but only if I needed to "avoid the lift in the event of a fire")!

    1. That's cute. I've always liked languages, though never really bothered to take the time to learn them, until now.

  3. Spanish, some French and a little Italian I can do, German? Not even gonna try it.

  4. Max took German and did pretty well with it. I don't see people counting the blessings they have. Or should I say, being grateful for what they have.

    1. Some will never be satisfied, hopefully their genetic code will die off.