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Friday, June 11, 2021


 So, it's Friday.  For a second I almost wrote 'so, it's Saturday.'  Wishful thinking on my part.  Waiting will be torturous.  Anticipation is a continual itch.  Covering myself in calamine lotion will not help.  Besides, I'd look kind of odd.  All I can do is wait.

And my dahlias, which I didn't dig up last fall, which are not supposed to survive the freezing cold of our winters, are blooming.  I guess this means I have good tubers.

The first 4 chapters of The Body in Repose have been synopsized.  This is pretty much how I write.  I'm not big on outlines.  They synopsis is a wonderful thing, providing a foundation on which to build the story.  For me, an outline is just... well, lines; many, many lines that some writers use as an armature on which to build.  Not me.  I need to see the story flow from word to word.  Give me two or three paragraphs any day.  I can can grow and elaborate on a paragraph. An outline?  Hell, those damn lines would run forever and nothing would get written.

The bread cutter I bought is turning out to be a real gem!  I shall have to give it a good review on Amazon.

And for those of you who didn't hear this, Brian Sims, one of our PA Legislators, had his microphone shut off when he pointed out every GOP representative is white.  Not a single minority voice among them.  Now how bad is that?  The GOP in this state do not represent 'the people' of Pennsylvania. Nope.  And they got mad and turned off his voice.  Can we talk about cancel culture?  They must believe they're living in Russia.


  1. I did read about Brian Sims (ZADDY!) and I watched the video of him letting them HAVE IT. Love him.
    Love the dahlias, too! You do have good tubers, Dave. I was wondering what happened to some elephant ears plants in the front and I'm sure it is that they froze because it was their first year.
    Oh well.


    1. I believe you're supposed to dig elephant ears out in the fall... don't know for sure.

      And Brian Rocks!!

  2. When the GQP cancels you, it's all good. When the Dems try to hold the GQP accountable, it's cancel culture.
    It's what racists do.

    1. It's a good thing their cancellations only appeal to a constantly shrinking minority.