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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Majority of Americans ( and a fish video, too)

My Saturday has arrived!!!  I did sleep a little late... in an odd sort of way.  I got up at my usual 0445, left the dogs out, pottered around for about 15 minutes and then decided to head back to bed.  After working 6 days, I do need to... relax... and prep for today's chores.  As a home owner, there are always things to do.

There was big news in the gaming world yesterday.  Microsoft is buying Zenimax (Bethesda Game Studios) for $7.5 billion.  That's right... billion.  The announcement was made a day before pre-orders go live for their X Box Series X.  Of course, I'll order one, probably right after I finish writing this entry.  

And the other 16 cent goldfish has died.  I got home from work yesterday and he was floating.  Since that little tank is now empty, I'll clean it out and head down to That Fish Place.  I'm thinking of getting a few mollies.  They're a nice addition to a community tank.  And speaking of my tank, I did a little video this morning (another reason why today's blog is a little late).  And is this one... I speak.

Even though a majority of Americans say the Senate should wait until after the election to try and fill RBG's seat, they're moving ahead with plans.  I suspect the reasoning is twofold:  1) they're certain the Idiot Jerk is going to most likely lose; 2)  if the election is close, they'd like to have a Conservative ringer on their side should the Court have to decide the election.  Their unprincipled craven need for power is almost laughable.  The will of the majority means nothing to them.  Every time they use the phrase "the people," they lie.  They totally fail to comprehend that a minority party, if it gets into power, as they have, needs to take the majority into consideration.  And they do think they're going to win this election.  How terribly wrong they are.
Everyday the reality of their loss tightens.  They believe (thanks to Reagan's lie) that there is a silent majority of conservatives out there.  They couldn't be more wrong.  There are no 'shy' supporters of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  They have become the party of no values.  All they want, all they dream of, is a tinfoil dictatorship, and starting November 3, the majority of of Americans is going to start crushing that dream.  Will there be retribution?  Possibly.



  1. From the height of ridiculousness file comes ... Miss Lindsey.
    In 2018 AND 2018 Lady G said they should never confirm a justice in an election year, and allow the new president to do so. She dared us to remember those words and we did and then she flip-flopped and changed her mind.

    Why? She is butt-hurt that the Democrats were "mean" to Kavanaugh during the hearings; I mean, how dare the Democrats ask questions of a man accused of being a drunken rapist!

    Fuck her and the Congressional Page she rode in on.

    1. I thought his comment about lighting striking was amusing since he evidently doesn't know lightening kills.

  2. They have always been the party of no values. The repugs only care about power and money just ask Bitch McConnell. I hope this strategy backfires spectacularly. I’m trying to find a thread somewhere in Twitter about their faux pas with RBG.
    LOVE THE FISHES! And you, my dear should speak more often. Roar!


    1. There's a lot of threads out there, Chris Meloni retweets them now and then.