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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Incentive to Vote

 Yesterday was slow at work, at least in the flooring department.  Christmas merchandise started arriving back in Receiving.  Yes, it's that time of year.  

The transition of my old / new laptop into my fitness tracking computer is complete.  It gets its first run through tonight. I need to do a medium sized ride since I am not about 15 miles behind the pace needed to hit my 2500 miles.

Treaders mentions the constant whirring of helicopter blades overhead at the Tour de France.  There are at three sometimes four helicopters in the air televising the race, the French feed as well as other network / sports feeds.  There are also feeds for cameras on motorcycles (quite a number of those) focusing on different sections of the peloton.  Breakaways get their own camera man.  There is a lot of volume for a bicycle race.  I write about this in The Body in the Tower (notice how I'm tastefully plugging one of my own books?).

And last evening, while I was working on The Body in the Loch, I got the news flash about Ruth Bader-Ginsburg.  Everything in my head just stopped.  One of the greatest voices of America has been silenced.

 Of course, McConnell said there the Senate was going to vote on a replacement.  Believe me, he doesn't give a shit if you call him a hypocrite.  This is about power, the ability to dictate and control.  This is the wet dream of every Conservative out there, being able to name 3 Supreme Court justices, to force the country down a Conservative path that only satiates the animal hunger of a minority group.

This is the greatest incentive to go out and vote Blue in the annuls of American History.  I doubt very much if the Senate will be able to confirm before the election... too many Republican senators are at risk of getting fired because of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  But then they're stupid, and they're power hungry, so who knows.

Keep in mind, Congress has the ability to change the number of sitting Supreme Court justices.   A lot of people don't know this.  Roosevelt tried to pack the court in 1937 with one new seat for every justice over the age of 70.  That didn't work.  However, a Democratic House and Senate, along with a Democratic president would have no problem adding two more seats the bench in order to keep the court Centrist.  Congress can also reduce the number of justices to do the same thing.  They could reduce the number of justices down to 7 and get rid of two of the Conservatives.  Also, keep in mind, justices can also be impeached.    

Our upper most Blue priority must be to insure this never happens again,


  1. I am heartbroken. Such an amazing life, such a strong, not just woman, but human.
    Now we have to carry on this fight for her.

  2. interesting graphic at the end. and yes, a VERY tasteful plug for your book, dear.