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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Tacos, Minorities, and Gunslingers

Yesterday was relaxing to a point.  Many chores were accomplished.  One was not.  I went tp CVS for my annual flu shot.  I called first to see if I needed an appointment.  While none was necessary, they recommended one.  So, I put my name on their calendar and showed up at 10 AM, waited for the pharmacist to finished with the customer she was working with, only to be told they had run out of vaccine the prior evening.  When I informed her there was nothing on the store's website indicating they were out she just stood there... looking stupid.  And then she looked at another pharmacist, who looked at another who said "we're getting more in today."  I have a sneaking suspicion that when I show up this morning they will tell me that they've 'run out' again.

I also got a new ID card for Planet Fitness, my last one broke off my key chain.  I'm actually getting excited about... they gym.

And this evening, I'm having Tacos for dinner, though I prefer a dollop of sour cream rather than shredded cheddar.

I tried to pre-order my Xbox Series X yesterday and the pre-orders were sold out... everywhere.  Amazon's going to send me an email when they will be ready to order.  Their release date is November 10, 2 days after my birthday.  That would be a nice present to myself.

I read an interesting opinion in the NYT about the special Hell of the Idiot Jerks ability to name a third seat on the Supreme Court.  I find it amusing that Republicans are hoping this is going to rev up their Conservative Base and get them out to vote.  It's even more amusing when the author talks about how they are the party of the minority.  The line about Biden might need to win by more than 5 million votes is almost naive.  Of course, Republicans have never been too smart when it comes to numbers.  They are the minority party.  As I've said before, the time has come to treat them as such.

And, finally, since people seem to be somewhat enamored of my voice, I recorded this last evening.  The clock belonged to my grandparents... it's very, very old, no doubt made back in the days of gunslingers.



  1. I am not pre-ordering the new Xbox but I will probably get one at some point. I am not ready to go back to a gym or the yoga studio.

    1. Evidently a lot of people, in their enthusiasm, ordered the Xbox X, not the Series X. Ouch.

  2. I had my first session at the gym today using the programme my coach had drawn up for me, and while I'm obviously a bit namby-pamby and didn't put too many weights on the machines, damn I loved it!

    1. I am so looking forward to going back. I usually focus on upper body machines since cycling keeps my legs in shape.

  3. So you’re going back to the gym?
    I think I’d rather do the bike, though. I don’t feel like the gym is very conducive to not getting COVID 19. Too many people touching shit.
    And you have an Xbox? Well, I knew you did video games, but I’m totally illiterate when it comes to the topic so I didn’t put one and one together. Duh.
    And Cheeto is lying, lying, lying. Like his life depends on it. Because it does! His Orange ass is going to jail if he doesn’t win. So vote the MoFo OUT. And all those repugs who enable him, too. They’re scum, too.
    And, Davey, baby. That voice.... you could talk me into getting that taco, with out without cream...


    1. Actually, I have an xbox one x, a PS4 Pro, as well as an antique xbox 360. I'm a bit of an over achiever sometimes.

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    1. To be honest, even when I hear myself I don't know what I sound like.

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    1. ... ... I'd read you some porn, but that would probably be the end of you.