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Friday, January 24, 2020


What can I say?  Friday's Thursday, for me at least. 
So, I took a credit for those collars last evening since Amazon said they were most likely lost in shipping hell.  This morning I checked... and they suddenly arrived in Camp Hill at 0355.  This means they'll be delivered at some point today.  Monday I'll send them back.  Principles, you know?  Every year I pay Amazon a certain $$ amount to be a Prime Member.  I do this for the benefits... like expedited shipping.  If I buy merchandise with 'Next Day Delivery' and it arrives 7 days later... well, that's failure.  Should Amazon say I can keep them for a highly discounted charge, then I might keep them.  Reliability is a building block of Principles.
And, speaking of Amazon... what about Jeff Bezos' phone being hacked by Saudi Arabia.  The first thing I thought of when I heard that was that this was another example of the Idiot Jerk in the White House abusing power.  He loves the Saudi's, they are very wealthy, and he hates Bezos, who owns The Washington Post.  That paper is critical of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Now, after finding out how the Idiot Jerk was handling aid for the Ukraine, wouldn't it make sense for him to apply his lack of principles to Bezos and ask the Saudi's to help?  This sort of shit is right up the Idiot Jerk's alley.
Last evening I began the corrections on the 2nd draft of "The Body in the Well."  This is the draft I give to my three readers, though this time I may have 4 people read it.  I'm thinking of sending a copy to my friend Patty, the Patty who lives in Beverly, Massachusetts.  I already have a Patty who is a reader, she's local.  I think that's kind of amusing, the fact that I'm going to have two Patties reading the book.
Finally, when I made a joke about the Coronavirus yesterday I was being seriously funny.  I actually read an article in which the author called it a 'pandemic.'  Could the Coronavirus turn into a pandemic?  Possibly.  Right now, in spite of all the press this disease is getting, it is less serious than the flu.  The worse influenza pandemic as the Spanish Flu of 1918 in which the mortality rate was 2.5%.  Those who have died have underlying conditions.  MERS actually has a higher mortality rate.  I do believe this is an instance where the media needs to be more principled in the information they are promulgating.  Some of them seem to have turned into The Weather Channel for viral infections.


  1. I would not put it past the dump to enlist his saudi buddy MBS to hack bezos's phone.

    1. For him this would be a logical retribution.

  2. The whole CoronaVirus thing is a ticking bomb. Not happy about that one.
    Yay for the corrections! God I imagine that as the process of writing a dissertation. They tear you apart every time and you have to reconsider all your thought process. Are you gonna include some nookie? Pretty please? For character deveolpent’s sake? LoL
    And IMPOTUS is in bed with the saudis and he hates Bezos (a real billionaire) so no surprise.


    1. So sorry, no nookie... snakies though, it kind of sounds similar.

  3. I was under the impression long ago that dump had the oil vampires do the digging on Bezos, I thought it was a known fact... and yes he would totally do that!
    You need to find at least 8 more Pattys, that way you can say things like, "9 out of 10 Pattys like the way my story is going... because there is always that one Patty.
    I agree that the media is causing panic over the coronavirus at the moment. I heard four thousand people died in north America last week from the flu, mostly preventable with the shot, where's the panic?

    1. Interestingly enough, there are 12 Daves working in my store... we like running in herds.