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Monday, January 13, 2020

Never Smart

Another late entry!  I set my alarm for 0500, it went off, I turned it off, and went back to bed.  Woke up a little after 0700.  This is how it goes.
The Devil's Food cake will be baked this morning.  Yum.  I'm also going to be making eggrolls for dinner.  I'll make a bunch and freeze some for later.
I also printed off my W-2.   All I need now is the one I get from Social Security.  Hopefully this year will be like last year and I'll get bunches of cash back.  We also get the first of our 2 yearly bonus checks in late March.  Right now we are the #1 store in the district.  If that holds, that check will be almost as tasty as the cake I'm baking.  If the $$$ stars align, I might invest in a Fenix 6.
Oscar nominations are out.  For some reason I thought they were going to be announced tomorrow.  I was wrong.  There had been a time when I felt I had to request the day off, they were that important.  Not nearly so much anymore.  I saw "Joker" leads the pack with 11 nominations.  I really didn't like that movie.  However, because of those 11 nominations viewership of this year's Oscars will be up.  A lot of people went to see "Joker" and liked it... let me paraphrase myself... I thought it stank.  I had no sympathy for the main character what so ever.
I am going to see "1917" tomorrow night.  It got 10 nominations, including one for director Sam Mendes, he won for "American Beauty."  I didn't like that movie either.  Depressing as hell is what it was.  A funny thing about "1917," is that it didn't get an editing nomination...  That's because it was filmed without edits.

Remember how the Idiot Jerk was going to save coal mining jobs.  Well, he lied to all of those coal miners.  What else is new? Coal fueled power plants are shutting down fast.  What does that mean for miners?  Job loss.  He has lied to so many people and Republicans just can't believe they, themselves, are integral in keeping his lies alive.  No one ever said they were smart, selfish and greedy as hell, but never smart.


  1. The critics are saying that's a good movie, hope you enjoy it.

    1. Sometimes I don't always like what I see, but don't worry, I'll let everybody know what I think.

  2. caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake (said in a zombie voice)

  3. email me your film review

  4. A friend of mine saw 1917 yesterday and said it was great.

  5. You know what? Never saw Joaquin's Joker. Don't really feel like I would like it. Last movie I saw was Knives Out and loved it.
    And Trumpanzees all deserve to be conned and screwed by IMPOTUS. All. Of. Them.
    No sympathy.


  6. "Knives Out" was great, but I knew 10 minutes in who was guilty.