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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

In the Name of Logic

It's back to work today... and crap!  I didn't get nearly as much done on my three days off as I had intended.  I've still 60 pages to read through and edit on my "The Body in the Well."  I was hoping to finish this first read through and start keying in the changes.  Not that I haven't already begun doing that.  One Chapter, I think it was 14, I numbered all the paragraphs and then re-sequenced them in the name of logic.
I got the bill for my Home Owner's Insurance yesterday.  That's gets paid this morning.  My Auto Insurance bill comes due in February.
Surprisingly... there is still quite a bit of cake left.  And you thought I'd eat the entire thing at one sitting.
I went to see "1917" last evening.  I liked it.  The oddest thing, though, is watching a movie in where there are no edits.  The camera moves in and around the actors, following them, then moving up like a close friend to walk by their side.  And that thing about not having edits, well, that's not completely true.  There are edits.  And they're not really edits.  The film fades to black (that's not a spoiler) when something happens and time passes.  What I do think is surprising that neither of the two leads has received a nomination.  The performances are outstanding.  And they were done in real time.  They didn't film a scene 4 or 5 times and then chose the best one.  Nope.  They didn't finish the film and then call back actors for retakes.  Nope.  When you think about everything involved with make a movie, lighting, set design, costumes, makeup, special effects, this film is simply amazing.

Of course, other things happened yesterday.  There was a debate last evening.  I don't watch them.  The candidates aren't as much interested in discussing the issues as they are in getting in sound bites.  They try to get as much time on camera by making points without the chance of backing them up with explanations.  Only BoBo Brains make decisions watching debates.
I guess the house is voting today to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate.  Whether he understands it or not, Moscow Mitch is in the worst possible position of his political career.  He wants to dump the entire process, unfortunately the country is watching his every move.  He needs to do damage control, sadly for him the country is watching.  This is going to make nightly news.  Each step he takes is going to be on the nightly news.  His efforts to keep the base support strong will be scrutinized.  He desperately has to prove he's not just a toothless, old lap dog.  And we know that's not going to happen.


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    1. I would but... well, I'm concerned about your chocolate addiction getting out of hand.

  2. Yummm cake!
    And I've read about the camerawork in 1917. I am still not too excited about it. I may watch it on Netflix. Kind of weary of war movies...
    And Moscow Mitch is gonna find himself in a compromising position (as if) even more now with so much coming out and implicating so many republicans. Hah.


  3. Yeah, Moscow Mitch is looking more dismal than ever, isn't he?