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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Your Legs are the Engines of your Body

Yesterday was a bit surprising.  Actually, a lot surprising.  About an hour before I was supposed to leave a couple started looking at the vinyl planks.  As I began talking to them, he turned to me and asked if I had worked for International Paper.  Of course, you can recognize people with their masks.  He started to explain he had been our physical training advisor, when I remembered him.  Believe me, it's so nice to recognized while after 14 years, even when wearing a mask.  He's the one responsible for my becoming involved with working out, helping me set up training programs.  Shawn is the one who first taught me a a truth I have repeated many times in this blog:  Your legs are the engines of your body.  Of course, he also said "you know you got a good leg workout in if you throw up when it's finished."

I did pick up one of those cheap area rugs before I left.  This is how it's done in retail, you buy it when you leave.  I rarely make a special trip to the store.  One of these days, I'll wander back through garden and see if the veggies have arrived.

Evidently, many of those who have received stimulus checks are like me, banking the cash.

"The Body in the Loch" is with reader #2.

Of course, as time passes, the effects of Loser #45 are becoming more and more apparent, and not in a good way for Republicans.  For them, the only way to win the culture war is to go farther and farther to the right.  The staunchly refuse to accept the fact that America is changing.  We are evolving as a nation.  Thanks to Loser #45, Democrats now outnumber Republicans by 9%.  That's a large percentage.  And it's growing.  They are desperately searching for a message to unite their hateful minority, and their intentions are causing the average voted to take a big step back and wonder what in hell is wrong with Conservatives.

Oh, and the funny comment of the day belongs to Georgia's Lieutenant Governor who blamed their severe voting restrictions on Giuliani and 'the big lie.'  Those are the words of a desperate Republican.


  1. Well, I guess he probably recognized your voice (and maybe the way you move?) he seems to be a man who is aware of his physicality.I also think that the legs are the engine of the body. I only wish I had more upper body strength! LOL
    And the Repugs are just... repugnant? Cheeto still has a hold on them. Didn't he just endorse someone running for office? Bo or Ro or something like that.
    I do not trust the Repugs, though. Dems may be enjoying a good moment, but treachery and deceit are part of the GQP strategy.


    1. The Republicans are chewing themselves apart trying to find a unifying message that doesn't come across as pure hate.

  2. I do find it funny when I get recognized while wearing a mask. I should ask how they knew it was me.

    The Blues have to stand fast and firm and yes I'll say it: CAST A GODDAMNED VOTE!

    1. I suspect he and I were on friendlier terms then you imagine.

  3. that's the GQP - point fingers at everybody else, not at themselves.

  4. "you know you got a good leg workout in if you throw up when it's finished." I know that. Sometimes after a run the whole lake, I feel like that too.

    And with democrats out numbering repugs...we should win elections and stay in office....hopefully.

  5. That guy probably recognized your quads!