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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Shoot that Poison Arrow

The French Bread I baked in my new bread maker is... delicious.  The load shape is odd.  Oh, and because I used the timer and the mixing, kneading process began while I was still sleeping, I didn't have the chance to removed the little kneading paddle.  This meant cutting off the bottom of the loaf to remove the little sucker.  Pain in the ass.  I may try an artisan loaf tomorrow, since I'm off work.

Yesterday at work we were hectic busy for a while in flooring.  Our Garden department went through the roof as far as sales were concerned.  People are spending money.  So am I, but not to the same degree.  Tonight, after I punch out, I'm going to pick up some furnace filters (my central air uses the same venting), and veggie plants.  I'm also going to stop off at my local Giant and do my shopping, rather then go tomorrow.

One of the managers at work flipped the radio station to the 80's again yesterday and this little gem played.  I bought this album.  Loved it.  As I listened, I realized the lyrics were very usable to a writer who crafts mysteries.  Take a listen and tell me if you don't agree.  Hhhhmm.  Who knows where they might show up.

And since I can't leave the dogs and fly down to New Orleans, I've been watching YouTube videos.  The walking tours are chock full of good information, and a great way to sit in your armchair and flesh out possible settings.

Oh, and I saw where Marjorie Taylor Greene has decided to claim she's abandoning her white supremacist group.  Personally, I think this is just her putting on her liar's mask to please the complainers of both parties.  There's no changing the evil in her heart.  Remember, she's one of those Q heretics.  There's no way she's going to privately eliminate the ugly from her system.



  1. Never worry, MTG is still a racist C U Next Tuesday.

    1. These beliefs are just as natural to her as bleaching her hair.

  2. MTG needs to be crushed, along with that bitch boebert and that bastard cawthorn!

    I have no trouble removing the paddle from the bottom of my bread; I lift it right out of the loaf.

    can we see a loaf from your machine?

  3. Call me old fashioned. I still, and will, knead my bread. Makes my hands strong!

    What's this about seeing your loaf?!?!?

    1. Annie wants to see my loaf... I am concerned it may be too much for her.