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Monday, January 4, 2021

The Phone Call

 And a very good Monday Morning to you.  I know I'm fine, but then I don't have to work today.  There are chores galore, though that always seems to be the case.  Laundry is stacked and ready to be washed.  The shorts, and shirts, and socks I use for cycling (and now jog /walking) get washed separately with a detergent specifically designed for their fabrics.  They are not casual wear.

Yesterday, a fellow associate and I dealt with a customer who had purchased a Peloton (pieces of shit bike, as I call them).  Concern about putting it on her plush carpet in her office / training room is driving her to distraction.  She does something with orthopedics and at one point spoke of her concern about insuring her new, fake bike was level and her concern of blowing out her knee if it wasn't.  At least that's what I think she was talking about since her vocabulary switched to Medical Jargonese.   I do not doubt for a second, that given the chance, she would turn a minor knee injury into major reconstructive surgery requiring months of physical therapy.  And a scar, of course.

I do plan to go for a ride today, though I haven't a clue where it will be.

And then, of course, there was the phone call yesterday.  Remember when the substance of phone calls was... well, rather naïve in relation to yesterday's call.  How many future Broadway dancers can you pick out in this video.

The recording of yesterday's call between the Idiot Jerk and Ken Rafensberger is crackling over the airwaves.  Can we talk about sedition here?  And every faction of the GOP is picking up their little, backstabbing knives.  The party is chewing off their own feet, and legs, and arms.  The party is tearing itself apart.  Good.  They deserve every second of bad publicity they get.  And as for the call to Kenny?  Don't worry, I do not doubt that at some point in time it will be put to music, with lyrics something like this:  

Hey Kenny, how's it hanging?
Get me votes, help me score
Did you hear that those ballots were rigged?
Is Crooked
And they're working for Hugo Chavez
who's dead, but
maybe not
Ken I need you to get me some votes
Just fake them,
Just find them
Ken I need you  need you to help me to win.




  1. "did you hear about hugo and kim?"

    treason by the GOPricks SHOULD result in DEATH!

    1. I thought it was cute, and you're right about the treason

    2. I agree Anne Marie. I keep hoping a sink hole will open and just take the whole Congress building with all and any contents. Start over!

  2. So Peloton is shit? I've always suspected something like that. Too many whistles and bells. Really.
    And the phone call! OMG how much of this delusional, stupid, corrupt mafia boss is this country gonna take? Ugh.
    Bye bye birdie always reminds me of a scene on Mad Men when a woman realizes her husband is gay.


    1. One of the commentators I read said, like you, he sounded like a bad mob boss.

  3. I could smell the desperation in that phone, especially now that I know _____ tried EIGHTEEN times before finally getting through. How he must have been pissed losing that much time on the golf course.

    1. Not only that, Raffensberger kept saying "no, you're wrong."

  4. And yet again.....they will all walk.....scott free. I'm beginning to think every one in DC is a bunch of milky toast and cowards. He just a stupid ass. And getting away with A LOT.

  5. If that phone call had been just the one disgusting event people should have been up in arms. The trouble with the orange buffoon is that these events keep coming in like tidal waves and I swear nothing "scandalizes" people about him any more. Thank God he hasn't got long to go, although he can still do so much damage!

    1. I think most of his 'allies' realize that when he's gone, their political party is going to succumb to a very ugly death.