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Monday, March 14, 2016

Diversity is an Evolutionary Process

Just a quick note before I head off to work.  Saw this in the NYT this AM and found it interesting.
People turned off the Academy Awards show in really big numbers, mostly because they didn't want to hear Chris Rock make racist jokes.  People need to remember, Diversity is an evolutionary process - revolution fails when you're trying to diversify - human nature prevails and we are not a diverse group by nature no matter how much you would like to believe.
The Supreme Court made Marriage Equality permanent and what happened?  Hundreds and hundreds  and hundreds of Religious Freedom laws started to be written.  Passing a ruling doesn't mean everybody is going to say "oh, okay, I'm going to put down my prejudices."  Diversity is an evolutionary process.  Things will change, but it will take time, and they won't happen in just a couple of years.  There are areas in this country which are very diverse and other areas where the hatred is palpable and, unfortunately, in those areas, those feelings will just have to die off.  Nothing is going to change them.

I did find the article a bit amusing when it broached the subject of Australia and how "Mad Max" took home 6 Oscars.  I thought, maybe we ought to begin discriminating against that country.  Maybe we should tell Cate Blanchett she can never ever be nominated again because, not only is she white, she's Australian.
Now I know there are going to be people out there shouting that we need to recognize minorities.  They need to remember that diversity is an evolutionary process.

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  1. In recovery programs, one is often reminded: progress, not perfection. I often forget that one step forward is in fact moving forward. It may not be enough but it is essential to the process. Standing still to throw a temper tantrum because I am "not there yet" has never moved me closer to my goal.