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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rachael Ray pounds dog food

I went to my local Giant supermarket this morning for the sole purpose of picking up a couple of items, one of them being dog food.  It takes the girls about two and a half weeks to go through a big bag so that's what I always buy:  The BIG BAG.  Anyway, I had just finished loading the BIG BAG into my cart when something caught my eye.  This is what it was.

That's right, Rachael Ray is pounding dog food.  Hey, and the green bags are on Sale!  $1.00 off!

Now I've never been a big fan of hers, but I do know she started off as a cook and had her own show on The Food Channel (?)  And I vaguely remember hearing something about her having a talk show....of some kind.  Anyway, this just didn't seem to jive right in my head.  I mean, would Bobby Flay pound dog food?  Or Emeril?  And then I started wondering if perhaps Purina sees her as a threat?  Or maybe she just decided one day that she was going to be a dog food queen.


  1. She could be like Ellen (her brand is Halo) and when presented with the opportunity to add another choice to the market she did. Now Ellen has very good motives behind her organic and possibly holistic food but I forget what they are now.

    1. If I decided to change the girl's diet I'd probably go with Ellen's food rather then Rachael's.