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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Facebook Flap

Evidently there is a big flap going on right now about Facebook's decision to enforce a rule they've had for some time - you need to use your real name for your personal accounts.  I can understand the concern some in the gay and lesbian community might have for this.  I also understand that one of the reasons for this rule is to curtail predatory behavior.  This is a bit of a dilemma. What I do find amusing is drag personas clamoring about how this rule does not seem to apply to all people.  One of the names they throw out is Madonna's.  I looked at Madonna's page and it's identified as a fan site and fan sites are allowed.    What makes this even more amusing is that Madonna is her real name, not a stage name.  She's not really Ruthie Ciccone (sp) from Detroit, she's Madonna Ciccone (sp).

aka Madonna

They've also bandied about Lady Gaga, and her's, too, is a fan page.

Now I'm not saying this isn't a problem for a certain group of people, but there is a bit of a difference between safeguarding your privacy and dealing with an ego inconvenience.  

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