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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The Late Entry

 And yes, it is late because I had to be down at the Lebanon VA clinic at the crack of dawn... well, a little past the crack, for my final CRT scan.  A long time ago, I used to be a smoker, however I can't remember just when I quite... was it 18 years ago, or 20?  Anyway, my primary car physician, the one who retired under apparently mysterious circumstances, decided that I should have a series of year scans to ensure my lungs didn't start growing something.  Well, they didn't.  

As for the mysterious circumstances, I received a letter last February informing me he had retired as of December 31.  I now have a Physician's Assistant until my next doctor joins the team in late November, early December.  Her comment to me was that she was busy cleaning things up with my former physician's patients.  Another odd thing was that last June, after my last scan, I got a call from a support group for people who had just quit smoking.  When they found out how long it had been since I was a smoker, they were surprised; way too many years had passed since I'd been a smoker for me to be part of the group.  Still, my doctor had sent my name to them...  as I said, mysterious.

Yesterday was boring at work.  I had decent sales, but oh, how the hours stretched on.

Two more of the buds have bloomed.

As expected, Hunter Biden was found guilty of lying when he bought his gun.  Dumb ass.

And Martha-Ann Alito evidently has been going full MAGA vocally, screeching about how she'd like to see all Pride flags burned because she can see one from her house.  This woman is filled with sinful hatred.  It wouldn't surprise me if she was praying for another inquisition, one in which she could personally, torture and killed those her unchristian heart despises.  I'm also betting she doesn't ask for forgiveness too often; how could someone who loved God as much as she commit sin.


  1. Ohh the doctor drama!
    I totally believe it.
    Love the roses!
    And of course Hunter was found guilty. Now the Dems should propose a background check law and call it the Hunter Biden Law. And sit and watch all the Repugs vote it down.
    Martha-Ann Alito is a See You Next Tuesday.


    1. I have no idea what See You Next Tuesday means.

  2. What a pair of bookends, Mrs Alito and Mrs Thomas. Talk about twisted sisters !
    And you just know if Hunter was Trump’s son, Republicans would fall over themselves to defend him.

    1. Interesting how quiet the 2nd Amendment crowd is, isn't it?

  3. Please....Martha-Ann Alito's hairstyle is a sin in itself.

  4. Intriguing about that doctor huh!!! When we had Batshit Crazy foisted on us as HR director a few years ago everything was very cloak and dagger, with hints being dropped left, right and centre. Didn't take us too long to find out just how many jobs the mad cow had been "invited to leave" in the past few years. As far as I can make out, she's been "invited to leave" at least another three jobs since she left us. I have a good idea where she is now, making some other poor sods' lives a misery I'm sure! I hope they wise up faster than we did!

    1. We just got rid of one of those. She would hold meetings designed to show her how popular she was, that sometimes ran over 30 minutes. I went to one and watched her sit there, eating a bowl of noodles, while she talked about everything but what needed to be done. When she was finished, she thanked everybody for not minding that she was eating her dinner.