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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Godzilla Minus One

 A nice day has been forecasted and I'm going to enjoy those mid 80s (F) temps.  If the long range forecast is accurate, our summer's going to be not too hot, and not too cold, pretty much like the porridge Goldilocks liked that was just right.

Yesterday work was bothersome.  I had partially completed their design when I was called over to mix paint so the supervisor could get a lunch break, so I turned it over to an associate who's much better with designing blinds then I am.  He was not exactly happy with this, since he's isn't going to get credit for the sale.  For that matter, neither am I.  There used to be a time when changing a design would net you some of the sales.  Not any more.  Well, this couple went home, and then returned 20 minutes before I was scheduled to leave, and since there's no way I was going to stay past my scheduled time, I turned them over to him again.  This like this are irritating.  I felt bad for him, since he was going to end up spending hours with them.

I watched Godzilla Minus One last evening, it's on Netflix, and was pleasantly surprised.  I'd heard it was good, and I've always liked Godzilla movies.  Then, to be perfectly honest, I've always like monster movies, but the directors took a different approach with this one.  It's focused on just a few individuals, rather than the destruction of Tokyo.  It was the first Godzilla film to win an Academy Award.  

I saw that Elon Musk has had the policies changed on Zitter (if that's how it's pronounced) clearing the way for porn.  While pornophiles may be cheering, keep in mind that it once used to be a legitimate platform of news, with porn on the side.  Now legitimate news has fled to other platforms, including Threads, and Elon's got to make money some way.  Unfortunately, I suspect this will end up being bad for porn, because Zitter seems to have mounting problems just like his other businesses, and like other flailing billionaires, Musk will have to put the blame somewhere, rather than admit to his own incompetence. 

And Hunter Biden's jury was selected yesterday.  My personal feeling is that he 's going to be found guilty.  He did something stupid, and while he's going to try and blame it on his problem with drugs, that can't be used for an excuse. This is how it is.  


  1. I agree about Hunter. And drugs isn't an excuse.

    And I wonder how the rightwing MAGAts Christians will feel about Elon's porn choice? I guess now we know why he renamed it X.

    1. There was a lot of "practically" porn on there already, so I suppose as long as the videos are following by a Bible scripture things will be just fine.

  2. That work dynamics thingy confused me. So who gets the credit for the blinds?
    And I loved Godzilla Minus One! OMG yes. I remember watching some of these movies when I was a child and how fascinated I was with the monsters. I think I even had Godzilla/Mothra action figures!
    Focusing on the characters makes the movie more of a critique to war than what the original did.
    And Hunter will probably be found guilty, because he was an idiot who broke the law.


    1. The associate who sets up the measure gets the sales credit. It sucks.

  3. I agree...he will be guilty.

    I wanted to see that Godzilla movies too. I will now watch it upon your recommendation. I too love them all...and monster movies in general.