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Friday, June 21, 2024


 We're in for another warm one today. Temps in the mid 90s (F).  No rain, in fact, we're supposed to have a fairly cloudless sky.  I can deal with that. Afternoon thunderstorms are expected tomorrow and Sunday, and then temps are predicted to drop.

My grass isn't growing, but the weeds are.  I should mow them.  Maybe I'll wait until next week.  Mostly, the grass is brownish, but it's not the crispy brownish of July yet.  Of course, we're only a little over a week away.

I's going to spend some time looking at electric providers.  I changed from PP&L (Pennsylvania Power and Light) a little over a year ago, the new provider has had constant price increases, to the point where I'm now paying as much as I was with PP&L.  This is all corporate greed and the only way we can hope to control it is by changing providers.

I have one last quote coming in today for the the windows.  It's from the Orange Retailer I work for.  I'm not going to go with them, even though every sales person who's been here has told me I can get the best deal with them.  Sometimes it's not about going cheap.  I had the sales rep from Aspen Home Improvements here yesterday, they sell Okna windows, which are manufactured in Bristol, PA.  The reviews are not too shabby, putting them on the same plane as Andersen windows but much less expensive.  There is also the fact tried to guilt me into setting up the measure, not because we sell a great product, but because he wanted the sale.  

Evidently the Orange Anus has had an increase in campaign donations since he was convicted, mostly, it seems, from billionaires, the 1%, because they want another tax break.  Honestly, life would be so much easier for the lower and middle classes of this country if the rich just paid their fair share of taxes.  Of course, the cultists are always going to be waiting for the just rewards, never understand there is absolutely nothing just in giving tax breaks to rich.  This is the stupidity that Republicans rely upon.

And I saw where Ronnie DeSantis, the crazy down in Florida, has been blaming high insurance rates in the state on inflation. Hogwash.  Insurance rates are high because so hurricanes cause so much damage, and if it isn't hurricanes, it torrential downpours that drop 17 inches of rain in a 24 hours.  How like a Republican to always lie.  His aversion to the truth will end up killing many, many people.


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    1. He thinks his ticket to the presidency is to be a smarmier Trump.

  2. The insurance companies in Florida are greedy as hell, every time Florida has bad hurricanes the insurance industry gets bailed out by the federal government through FEMA to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars. If anything the rates should be stable, De Santis is in the insurance industry’s pocket.:(