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Friday, June 14, 2024

"Take a Felon to Work" day

Holy Moly, the temp was 70 (F) when I got up this morning.  According to the forecasters, we've got one of them heat domes heading our way.  For the past 2 years they've been missing us, moving either to the north or south, but not this week.  I'm not doubting Mother Nature had this entire thing planned, since it's arriving right when summer begins.  

This means window air conditioning units will be a hot commodity.  Sorry, I just had to do that.

 Actually, our temps are only suppose to clime into the mind 90s (F), with the real feel being around 100 (F).  Still, it means I'm going to have to turn on the A/C if I want the upstairs to be comfortable.

And, speaking of the weather, how about Florida?  All that rain?  All that heat?  If those people down there thought insurance rates were high before this summer, I'm betting they're going to be flipping out by the time hurricane season ends.

And I did work yesterday, and, as expected business was slow.  However, when I checked my sales somehow I managed to rack up over $11,000.  Wow!  I also got to work in paint for a bit, which is fun.  

I also changed my availability, knocking off one of the mid-week days.  As of 7/12, I'll no longer be working on Thursdays.  When I get back from Greece, I'm going to change it again so I'll only be working weekends and Monday.  Three days on and four days off.  Sounds good to me.

The writing room is beginning to come together.  I've decided to hide the file cabinet and printer behind the victrola.

And for those who didn't know it, yesterday was take your felon to work day.  How do I know?  Because the Orange Anus was back in Washington speaking to the Republicans of Congress.  One of those present in that closed session said it was like listening to your drunken uncle.  Afterwards, he spit out a short word salad speech and then left, which was rather unusual for him.  

As expected, the Senate voted against in vitro fertilization.  Someone asked why, if these people claim to be pro-life, they can be against IVF.  Well, a lot of it has to do with their Cracker Jack Crazy religious beliefs.  They believe babies should be made the natural way, and not rely on science.  Yep, that's right.  Science is the big bugaboo here.  In order for there to be science, people would need to ask questions, and questions are verboten. For them, it's all about belief.  Sort of like the dark ages, you know?  


    Omg yes. The felon in the room. The MAGAts kissed the ring, of course. Bleached Blond Bad Built Butch Body was ecstatic that Orange Mussolini recognized her. Idiot. And Mikey bowed so low his nose touched the floor. Pathetic.
    And did you hear he called Milwaukee trash? I immediately forwarded that to my friends who live there. LOL Stirring the pot.
    And the senate did what we knew it would do. Hope those rich xtanists who want children and need IVF do something. SCOTUS also did the expected: they'll come for contraception later.
    I don't really know what else people need to vote Blue. I really don't.
    Love the victrola, BTW. Love.


    1. I suppose, if you're a Christian, if you can't have children naturally, then God doesn't want you to have children.

  2. Wow!!!! the floors look great!!!!!!! And this hot house flower is more than ready for some hot hot hot weather!!!! Looks to be nice weather for an coming beach trip too.

    1. Yeah, it'll be a stinker during the week, and thanks, this is the 2nd time for the floors.

  3. Take A Felon To Work Day from the party that gets np actual work done.

    And Florida just experienced a drought, record high heat for weeks, and now the floods. But don't you dare say "Climate Change."

    1. Florida and Texas will be the 2 states hit worst by Climate Change, and both have governors who are sayin' "bring it on"

  4. Our weather is still wet and crappy. In and of itself it doesn't really bother me but there are so many new-to-me hiking trails I want to try out it is frustrating. And I feel for those who might be on holiday down at the beach with young kids. It becomes very expensive if you can't spend the day on the beach!

    1. It does get expensive if you can't spend time on the beach, which is why you're usually there in the first place. The heat's supposed to hit us starting Monday.