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Friday, June 7, 2024

The EKG... and other things

 A 2 part entry today, the first half prepping to head down to the Lebanon VA for my physical, and the 2nd half when I get back.  

Today's weather's supposed to be nice and sunny, for the most part, with temps in the low 80s (F).  The humidity is supposed to drop as well, though the only place I've felt sticky was sitting at the flooring desk.

I do work tomorrow, but then I'm off Sunday, going down to York, and then back at work on Monday.  I'm back to being scheduled off 3 days a week, and once we're through July I'm going to stop working during the week.  The thing about being retired and working part-time is that I want to only work part-time hours.  However, because I get paid a decent rate, the trip to Greece is paid for, and now I'm only saving for the sofa in the writing room.  The big questions for me right now is should I go with a small sleeper, or just a loveseat.  Actually, I've pretty much decided on the sofa, but... there is still the idea that a sleeper on the first floor might come in handy when I head into my senior years.

End of Part I

Part II, the EKG, and other things.

Well, I'm back.  The physical is complete.  I even had an EKG.  My leg muscles were a bit twitchy, probably because I've been riding over 40 miles a week.  My heart, itself, is in great shape.  My resting heart rate is 54.  That's ducky.  I was told it's obvious that I work out.  Nice complement.  Everything else went smashingly.  I am going to stay on the Lisinopril (BP meds) because high blood pressure runs in my family.  My feelings:  if God gave scientists the ability to create meds that keep up healthy, well, I'm sure as hell going to take them.

I got a flash saying the prosecution rested in Hunter Biden's case.  A guilty verdict will piss the hell out of the Republicans.  

And is it me, or are they sounding crazier and crazier?  I also find it odd that so many of the cultists want to become part of a peasant class.  I honestly don't think they understand that's what they're aiming for, but they've obviously got that on their bingo card.


  1. Nope, it’s not you. They ARE sounding crazier and crazier. It’s a MAGAt trait.
    And Hunter may be found guilty (which will make them happy and sad cause it has to do with guns, but hey).
    And glad the test went well. Yay.
    One thing, though. Nice legs. And also, you’re dangerously fashionable with the length of those shorts.
    Just saying…



    1. The bad news is that I shrank almost half an inch. Damn gravity.

  2. Short answer: MAGAts are dumb and will believe whatever HE tells them.

    1. I'm always surprised that there are people out there that stupid.

  3. Glad to hear all went well. I'm pretty sure you are a very heathy man! You seem to eat the right stuff and get rest and take care of yourself. My mother, at 83, recently just went on blood pressure meds. She was upset. I said do you know how lucky you are to not have been on them already? Friends of mine were on them before 50!!

    1. I am on BP meds, Lisinopril. High BP is genetic in my family. Too often it has nothing to do with weight, or whether you're in shape, but whether you're predisposed.

  4. Good to read you are healthy as an ox.
    The MaGaTs are true fucklings, wait until Biden wins the 2024 election.
    The MaGaTs and the Republicon establishment will have a collective shit attack :) -Rj

    1. Collectively speaking, every one of their peduncles will explode. What a joy that will be.