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Sunday, June 23, 2024

This Old House

 Well, it's 75 (F) outside, however our only supposed to climb into the mid 90s (F).  Yesterday it got up to 99 (F) and we had spotty thunderstorms with gusty winds.  They were drenching, and when they'd passed we were left with thick humidity which made everything tacky and sticky.  Our forecast is for temps to drop back into the mid to upper 80s (F).

I did work yesterday.  For the most part, business was slow in the flooring and decor departments.  The appliance sales person called off, it was his last scheduled day, so I was called over to sell a refrigerator to a nice couple.  That popped my sales much higher than they needed to be.  

The agent who gave me the quote on my windows was supposed to be working, but evidently called off, so I didn't get the chance to give her the bad news about my windows, that I'm going with another company.  Maybe today.  I'm wondering if I'm going to need to give one or two people my spiel on Corporate Greed, and how I'd rather work with a smaller, more localized company.

And, speaking of my windows and how I'm going to be replacing them, I snapped to few pics of those that are getting replaced and shot them off to the salesman this morning.  Here's a rarity, this is one of the windows from my attic.  It's old, but probably not as old as the house.  You can see how the light leaks in at the top left and on the right hand side.

One of the headlines in the Washington Post this morning shouted out how the Orange Anus has increased the volume of his inflammatory accusations.  Even the New York Times has published a headline piece on how conservative media outlets are posting deceiving videos of Biden in an attempt to make him appear slow, and out of touch.  I find this interesting because up on until now, especially for the NYT, while they haven't been obviously Pro Trump, he's gotten the lion's share of the headlines, and they haven't always been as negative as they should be, like they'll call him the "presumptive candidate," rather than felon.  Does Trump want to start a war?  I think he'll do what ever he thinks necessary to keep from going to prison, remember he's trying to model himself after his idol and blow bro Vlad Putin.


  1. Oh Joe is feeble, but the Fat Bastard who can't walk without getting winded and talks about electric boats sinking and sharks coming to save you is perfectly fine?
    Sod off.

    1. Joe's not nearly as feeble as Republicans say he is.

  2. I had three velux windows replaced about three years ago. They were badly in need of it and oddly enough, I unplugged the TV so the guy could get to one of them - and I haven't plugged the TV back in since. Strange how I haven't even missed it. I bet your heating bills will go down too!

    1. I'm thinking you're quite right about the heating bills!