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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Well, the heat dome has arrived.  The toasty temp outside is 74 (F), with the high expected to climb into the mid 90s (F).  The heat index will pop that baby up into the low 100s (F).  I'm not planning any yardwork outside today.  Tomorrow morning, I may mow the lawn.  I shall have to wait and see if the grass starts turning brown.  And, even though there are those who think these temps are going to portend our summer, remember, spring was not spring-like until 4 weeks ago.

And management was happy dappy at work yesterday because I got both a lead and and measure.  They see that as potential revenue.

Decades ago, I worked in the accounting department of a Marriott Hotel (that's where my accounting career began).  One of the people I worked with has decided it would be nice to have reunion dinners.  I made it to one.  The last 2 I bailed on because something more important came up (Lily was really sick for the last one).  Several dates were given for another get together, and I let them know the dates I was available.  Well, out of the blue, there was a group email letting us know it's tomorrow night... and I work.  There are 2 people who I'd like to see, but the rest?  Hhhmm, not really.

I have 2 window quotes coming today, one this morning and one this afternoon.  This should be fun.

Okay, so it's finally here. The Body on the Lawn is now available on Audible. Click the link if you want to hear the teaser.  I'm learning about marketing and promotions, so I'll probably run something in a week or so, I'll keep you updated.

And I snapped a picture of this in our parking lot yesterday.

Aren't American politics funny?  The Republicans are going full steam ahead as if they're going to be running the country forever, and the Democrats keep getting things accomplished.  This has been a problem for quite some time, especially for the Republicans, who only seem to pass legislation that restricts a woman's health, or provides a tax break for the wealthy.  They definitely want a female serving class, one that never turns down their sexual advances, and is happy to raise a brood of children, all the while working a part-time job to help pay for those children.  I once posted about this on Zitter, and someone responded saying women shouldn't complain if their spouse didn't get a well enough paying job.  Think about that for a while.  Especially if you're a blue collar worker.  Trump's cultists may think he speaks for them, the truth is quite the opposite.  He's more like the pederast saying "you want a piece of candy, little girl," and they fail to understand what type of lollipop he's talking about.


  1. That weed!!!!! Our poor lawn guy mowed over my wildflower garden when they stared coming in. He though they were weeds..and they did look like thankfully they rebounded and or just beginning to bloom. They will love this hot weather.

    I've been passing Liz Cheney's book around for undecided voters. Even if you don't read the book If you read the last paragraph of that book that sums it up completely. If we do not get him out we are screwed.

    1. I'm sure you made your lawn guy suffer... I like Liz, don't always agree with her politics, but she is one of the few voices of reason in the Old Republican Party.

  2. Having been shat upon from a great height by my ex-husband I was never so glad to have kept my well-paying job and be able to divorce that AH!!! As much as I would have liked more kids, not for me the subservient little woman at home!

    1. I understand. 2.5 kids per family became the norm a long time ago mostly because women wanted to be more than the little, wifey.