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Friday, October 20, 2023


 The forecast for today is showers.  That's fine.  I'm off work.  Temps are supposed to climb into the low 70s (F), so maybe I'll get some yardwork done.  I find it difficult to believe we're this close to November and we have still not had a drop in temps.  While nighttime temps are dropping down into the upper 40s (F), during the day we're still climbing up into mid to upper 60s (F).  Not that I have a problem with those temps, as it adds up to a decrease in my heating bill.

So... my countertop has been reordered.  We're switching software (the reason my original order got lost... they think) and no one really knows what they're doing because we've had zero training.  Before the kitchen designers would key in shapes and sizes; not any more.  Now it's square footage and linear feet.  I somehow think I'm overpaying, but if I do they'll issue a credit.  And, speaking of credits, they credit off the first charge, now all I have to do is wait for hit to hit my account.  This is a common complaint among customers, that the Orange Behemoth I work for is quick to charge, and very slow to refund.  If you get a refund on a debit card, it can take almost a week to hit your account, yet that charge  is taken out instantly.  For those of you who don't know, this is what happens when greed takes over accounting.

And then yesterday this happened!  Sydney (aka Kraken) Powell took a plea deal and flipped on the Spawn of Satan.

I got that news flash right after I punched in at work.  As I walked through appliances, I said "good morning," to one very vocal Republican who barely responded, he was too busy hurrying to a computer no doubt to check out the Kraken's deal.  So much for loyalty to the Orange Anus.  I mean, who could blame this 68 year-old fool who knows they have enough evidence to put her behind bars for years.  I'm suspecting she's not going to be the only one who's going to cut her losses just to save herself from doing time in the clink.  

Hard line conservatives are still threatening the spouses of congressmen who voted against Jordan.  If those congressmen didn't expect this, then they were really stupid about whom they were crawling in bed with since all these people want to do is say "shut up, we're in charge."


  1. And here i thought this was going to be about plumbers crack from the workmen in your place.

    I've never seen a ship take so long to sink. And I just hope Jordan doesn't get the votes. Who knows? Look how many times it took McCarthy. I wonder if Gym Jordan sucked any cock yet to get votes!!!!!

  2. Hahahaha
    Oh, the Kraken. That stupid woman thought her proximity to Cheeto would protect her somehow. Bet she scammed some money while parroting nonsense, but you are right, she probably knows they can send her to jail for years. And the flipping? Delicious. Apparently team Cheeto had no idea. CAN YOU IMAGINE?
    And the repugs voted behind closed doors to kick Gym all the way to hell. And it’s only Friday!



    1. She's a user who got caught, not a decent bone in her body.

  3. I knew the Kraken would krak.

  4. Wow, who would have thought the Kraken would flip!!! They're all the same really aren't they. It's called running with the hares and hunting with the hounds!

    1. They're all going to flip. It's the nature of cowards.