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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Always the Case

 The chance for rain to day is 40%.  That's lower than yesterday and the only rain we received was overnight, when Lily went out this morning the pavers on the veranda were wet.  This means the rain we might get we might have already gotten.  If the forecast is correct, we've started a warming trend with temps supposed to climb into the low 70s (F) by the end of the week.

Work was slow yesterday, up until around 2 PM, then things picked up.  I ended up selling 2 measures, my goal for the week was one, and I had a decent $4000 flooring sale go through.  This means I'm pretty much set for the week.  Now there's no pressure, not that I'm ever going to stress at the pressure management might try to press.  This is a part-time job, after all.

Jon, the PT, is coming over this morning to dig out the rest of root ball in front of my porch.  Hopefully things will have dried out enough so he doesn't get that muddy.  This is the one I'm talking about.

Well, possibly later this afternoon, Jimmy Jordan my be elected Speaker of the House and Democrats are... well, the word I saw was salivating.  No one is going to turn off Swing voters than a hard right shit head.  So bent on retaliation, it's pretty much a given that if he's elected speaker he is going to push for an impeachment of Biden, which will please that Cracker Jack Crazies that make up the Republican base.  Doing so will, however, isolate them farther from the majority of voters that make up America.  These insurrectionists simply fail to grasp the fact that America is Centrist, and by attempting to force their hardline agenda down America's throat will lead to failure.  I do believe that many Americans are surprised that the GOP could be this stupid, but isn't this always the case with authoritarian wannabes? 


  1. Gym has been in Congress for decades and has yet to pass a single bill. That's what the GOP wants as Speaker.
    Oh, and a pedophile enabler, too.

    1. Jimmy lost the first round. Does that mean he's going to begin screaming election fraud?

  2. Ohhh they're grinding down those roots? You may get space for a nice little bush.
    And Gym is pushing hard for this Speaker position. But you are right, it's gonna push the whole Repug branch to the hard right. This alone may get Uncle Joe re-elected.


    1. No, they were cut out. They weren't that big. Easy peasy. And Jimmy's burning angry right now.