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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Another One Bites the Dust

 We did have showers yesterday, not steady rains, just a brief period when parts of the veranda not covered by the maples out back was wet, and on the street out front you could definitely see that it was raining.  And then it stopped.  There is a 40% chance of rain today, but again it's only going to be sporadic showers... if that.

Everything has been set up with new countertop.  They're going to come to measure and make a template on Tuesday, and 2 weeks later it's going to be installed.  As a result, certain things need to be done in the next 14 days, like all of the painting needs to be done, and the floor should be installed.  I work better in the morning, meaning I'll probably be getting up well before dawn cracks across the horizon.  

I do get to go to work today.  Can you see the excitement in my words?  It won't be until this afternoon, which gives me time to take Lily for her walk, maybe get in 2 miles on the treadmill, and possibly do a little painting.  

And yesterday this happened.

That's right, another one of Trump's crooked lawyers bit the dust, pleading guilty to get a deal so his saggy butt wouldn't need to spend a single night in jail.  From everything that I've read, Cheesy was one of the architects, and now he's going to talk... or already has provided seriously incriminating information.  This also means that Trump's being rattled constantly, and when he gets rattled, so does his cult, especially those members of congress who believed he was going to give Republicans unlimited power.  Ouch!

I don't doubt for a second that those hard-liners who were pushing for Jimmy Jordan to be Speaker of the House are beginning to look back over their shoulders, because both Chesebro and Powell can name every single one of them who was involved in the insurrection.  I mean, that's why Jimmy had himself put in charge of a committee whose main job was to squelch such inquiries.  Personally, the more of them that go to jail, the happier I will be.  This is how the Republican Party dies, by it's own hand.


  1. When this is over, if it's ever over, I mean I might be in a nursing home by then it'll be interesting to see what the hell that damn Republican party looks like, if any.

    1. The Republican party will cease to exist, except in name only.

  2. The parties are falling one by one ....