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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Grumpy Trumpy

 So, when my alarm clock went off this morning, I shut it off and went back to sleep, until 0700.  That's so late for me?  Of course, I woke up at 0238 and began researching plumbing / drainage on my computer.  After finding out what I wanted to know, I climbed back in bed.  This is what happens when you do the plumbing yourself.

The weather yesterday was nice, with the temps climbing up into the mid 80s (F), of course, people being people, I did hear from several customers that it was sooo hot outside.  A month ago they'd have been calling it a wonderful day, but the instant we rolled into October 80 (F) and above became too hot.  Today's temps are going to be a repeat of yesterdays, with tomorrow being slightly cooler.  I'm fine with that.  My Central Air is off for the year and the ceiling fan in the bedroom works fine.

My new neighbors moved in yesterday.  The real estate agent I talked to was wrong when she told me they were a young couple just starting out, that is unless by young she meant early 40s.  The couple I saw a few months back with the 2 teenage kids?  They're the ones who bought the house.  They were real chatty.  Seemed nice from the first impression.  So far they've been quiet.  My parents moved when I was a teenager in order to upgrade houses and I can tell you, having to make new friends while going through puberty is not the best thing to force upon an adolescent.

And, of course, I had to save this picture from yesterday:  Grumpy Trumpy!

I remember "nay-sayers" whining that this was never going to happen.  Impatience is not a virtue.  From my understanding, the Orange Anus is even more grumpier than usual because his legal team, for some reason known only to them, chose not to have a jury decide guilt.  Perhaps they gambled on getting a lenient judge, or perhaps Grumpy told them that no sitting judge would ever convict an ex-president.  Either way, his organization was found guilty and now he has to sit through the penalty phase.  From what I've been reading, appeals are useless during this phase.  The Trump organization is going to be dismantled.  Stop cheering!  This is just the beginning.

And that dumb ass Matty Gaetz began the process to oust Kev McCarthy.  People are wondering if the Democrats are going to step in and save his ass.  Nope.  The demands they will ask in order to get them to save Kev will be too great for any Republican to bear, so they will let this Republican shit show continue.  Believe me, very shortly, the GOP is going to be screaming three-ring circus!


  1. Ohhh so they bought the house, huh?
    And yes, moving during adolescence sucks. Isn't then that all those horror movies take place?

    And Jabba the Orange was all bluster OUTSIDE the courtroom. Such a pitiful bully, talking shit about the judge. And you know what? They probably did that jury thing on purpose to one, have the narrative that he was not 'allowed' to have a jury and second, to blame the judge. Typical Cheeto playbook.
    But it was a joy to watch him being smacked down.
    And Rapey McForehead fighting with Kevin No-Spine? Yes.


    1. I hope you were watch McCarthy get fired. Simply joyous.

  2. I love every bit of this news! "Grumpy Trumpy" indeed!!!! Ha!

  3. I will still believe when i see it. I'm trying to use reverse psychology see. If I stay negative now like nothing will happen, he'll then get nailed and go to jail!!

    Between this and Matt Gates and Kevin McCarthy debacle is going to implode that whole party.

    1. You do know that this one is not about sending him to jail, but rather it's to take away and dismantle the Trump Organization.

    2. If he even survives. One day he will implode so bad... I see a massive heart attack because his blood pressure will explode so high.....

  4. The Republicans are a mess. I can't even think of which one--or ones--are thinking of running as 3rd party candidates. Trumpy should be more than grumpy. He should be afraid. I hope he's ruined, completely ruined.


  5. I feel for the neighbours' kids. I would have hated to get moved in my teen years so put up with the commute from hell when we got divorced so that my kids (and me) could keep the same friends - and it was absolutely the right decision!

    1. The family's from Lancaster, which is about 45 miles away, so it's almost an hour away. The mother's going to be 50 and this is the first house they've owned, and it will be a challenge.