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Sunday, October 8, 2023


 Autumn has arrived.  This morning's temp outside was 48 (F).  The high today should reach 60.  Same forecast for tomorrow.  Tuesday the temps are supposed to climb up into the mid 60s (F).  For those who don't know it, wool blanky days are fast approaching.  This also means that the all those thousands of leaves on the maple trees around my house are going to rain down on my yard.  Fun times ahead!

Work was slow yesterday.  I did have a customer who wanted to buy some indoor / outdoor carpet to put on his garage floor.  I kindly informed him that it would not survive.  I mean, it would for a while if you spread adhesive over the entire concrete surface to glue it down, but I would have thought that common sense would have told him that the tires of his car would shred the carpet.

My new neighbors had a loud disagreement last night around 10ish.  Perhaps they discovered there was no heat up in the attic, which their 17 year-old son chose for his bedroom.  Or maybe it might be that they discovered they might have problems with their old furnace.  I do feel bad for them.  They felt they were making a sound investment when in reality they were buying a fixer / upper with new appliances.  It also says something about Ironworks Realty and the agent who sold them the house.  She looks really bad.

I saw this pic and had to post it because this looks like bad casting from a Batman movie that never got made.  The character in the center is Scott Pratt, a Trumplodite.

There was terrible news from Israel yesterday.  There are many reasons for the attack by Hamas, but I do think Netanyahu's presence is a major contributing factor.  There were major protests when he and his hardliner buddies attempted to weaken the Israeli Supreme Court proving he does not have a large majority of the people on his side, and so looked weak.  With the country struggling with the chaos he'd brought, Hamas may have thought this was a good time to strike.  Someone should have told them, no time is a good time to strike.  In time, Netty would have been gone.  Now, all they've done is strengthened his grasp, and as he attempts to prove Israel's superiority may do something truly stupid.  Of course, he is a corrupt conservative to his actions may end up being inevitable.


  1. I guess World Peace is out of the question again this year ....

  2. I had to delete my previous comment because it was too emotional, but needless to say, I am horrified by what just happened in Israel (and I say this as someone who lived with an Algerian muslim for five years)!

    1. Islam isn't to blame, it's the radicalized extremists who have been taught that their acts of terrorism are a true path into heaven, the fact that many innocent Muslims will be killed doesn't even make it into their mindset.