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Thursday, September 21, 2023


 We're having wonderful weather here in Central PA:  days are in the mid 70s (F) and during the night the temps drop down into the mid to upper 50s (F), which is great sleeping weather.  Nothing is supposed to change until the weekend, when once again we're going to be hit with rain... for the entire 2 days, so if you're one of those people who's workin' for the weekend, you're probably going to be disappointed.

I went to the store yesterday and bought paint for the cabinets and some floor leveling compound for those areas not so much because there are places where my kitchen floor needs leveling, rather I'm going to us it to fill in the cracks of the plywood which might, at some point in the future, create a problem.

My brother and I are going to see Yes this evening up in Bethlehem, PA.  That's a 90 minutes drive up and then back.  I'm hoping we'll be home by midnight.  I had thought I'd seen their last show back when they played in Hershey, before the pandemic.  Looks like I was wrong.  Hopefully they'll play what most people believe to the their greatest song, Close to the Edge.

And Tommy Tuberville, the Louisiana senator who doesn't live in the state he represents got his comeuppance yesterday, and what a joy it was to behold.  You see Tommy's been holding up military promotions because he's a hard line anti-abortionist who doesn't like the Department of Defense's health policies for women.  He's held up over 300 promotions because he thought every Republican senator had his back.  Well, yesterday he discovered otherwise.  In a vote of 83 for and 11 against, the Senate approved a new Joint Chief of Staff, the guy over the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Marines.  The idea that 32 Republican senators would vote against his blockade was something Tommy never thought would happen.  This was a serious smackdown for the anti-abortion hardliners, and one more example of how much those 11 dissenters, including Tommy, are out of touch with America.  Could it be that some members of the Republican party are realizing that they need to reconnect with America?  I don't know if I'd go that far. 


  1. Tuberville is a hack. I only wish those who elected weren't even worse hacks.

  2. Ohhh Yes is cool. They are so much more than Owner of a Lonely Heart...

    And the Tuberville smackdown was awesome. MORE!


  3. Tuberville's a dick. Anything that would benefit our the folks that's in our military should never be held up. People are letting their personal opinions about people's personal lives and politics way too much.

    And I agree about the weather, it has been glorious. And this is one of my favorite times of year to sleep at the windows open. Although my windows are open most of the year.

  4. I used to love YES. I had all their albums. That doesn't look like Jon Anderson in the video.

    1. It isn't. Steve Howe owns the Yes copywrite / trademark and he and Anderson don't get along, mostly, I think because Anderson is a bit flaky.

  5. Enjoy the concert. Wow, that brings back memories!