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Tuesday, September 12, 2023


 Finally, my schedule is back to what I like.  Four days off, and the of the three days that I work, 2 of them are only 6 hour shifts.  20 hours a week.  I had been concerned about those hours back when I went part-time because I do like to spend money and thought that perhaps my expenditures might need to be curtailed somewhat.  That has proven not to be the case.  

The product for my new countertops has changed.  Originally the plan was to go with a man-made hard surface, there would be no need for sealing it yearly, and I'd chosen something called Sand Smoke.  However, when I went into work yesterday, I saw that the price had gone up from $66 per square foot to $88 per square foot.  Wowza!  Can we talk price increase!  A 33% increase is too much.  If I'm going to spend that much, then I'm going to go with a natural stone, even if it does need to be sealed.  So, after wasting far too much time, I've decided to go with marble, something called Fantasy Brown.  Hopefully, all the price increases were processed yesterday and that won't be going up in the next 3 weeks.

Yesterday, the legal team for the Orange Anus filed to dismiss charges against him in Georgia, evidently following a similar tactic by Cheesybro ( I think that's his correct name).  At the same time, they filed to to have Tanya Chutkin recuse herself from his January 6 trial.  I find these attempts rather amusing because his team (if that's what you want to call it) seem to think that they're dealing with amateurs.  Jack, Fani, and Tanya are not country bumpkins, and Donny J has pulled all of these tricks before.  However, Donny J, being the loser that he is, will always go back to his age old playbook time and time again.  Every thing he does is simply a variation of what he's done in the past.  I'd seen one commentary which said that his largest problem was that the selfish, egotist that he is meant that he had to be the one calling the shots.  As a result, he's turning into a rerun fewer and few people are finding interesting.


  1. Inmate # P01135809 reeks of desperation ... and orange spray tan.

  2. Ohhh love the idea of natural stone, sealing be damned. It always looks amazing.
    As for Mango Mussolini, it's part of his repertoire of fuckery. But you are right, he's not dealing with some judge in a little town in Nebraska. He also wants to give the impression that he's been targeted (LMAOOO).
    It's not gonna work.