I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, September 30, 2023


 Well, it was somewhat sunny yesterday, on and off, mostly off, with drizzles.  We got the edge of the storm that so much rain on New York City.  Today we're supposed to have sunny skies with the temps on the rebound, climbing up into the low 70s (F).  This coming week we're suppose to reach the mid 80s (F) before it's time to snuggle under the wooly blankets as the temps crash down in the the mid 50s (F).

Yesterday much was accomplished, in spite of the naps.  Yes, I said naps.  Both Thursday and Friday I was nappy.  Thing got done around the times I wasted time with fifteen minute naps.  In fact, there were so many naps that I wondered if perhaps I might be coming down with something.  Well, I got my answer around 2 in the morning when I woke up with a runny nose.  I hate that, having to get up in the middle of the night to blow my nose.  And it wasn't just once.  So, I have a cold.  Lucky for me my cold symptoms are just drowsiness and a runny nose.  They usually don't stick around too long, either, ;a day and a half, maybe two.  I don't mind the drowsiness, but I do hate the runny nose.

As happens to all bloggers, occasionally we get comments that are best deleted, like those from the Bombay Hooker's Club.  Yesterday, I received a comment from "Anonymous" on an entry I wrote back in 2017 that evidently the writer thought would provoke me.  It did, and instead of deleting it I responded thus:

And, of course, the country runs out of money today and those horses ass in the House are going to try and push through something that they know the Senate is going to vote against because our Senators know an asswipe when they see one.  Supposedly the ring leader for this is Matty Gaetz, though you can bet he's not the only insurrectionist involved.  You would think that these people would realize that when members of their own party point to their inability to govern, calling it chaotic, they would understand they need a new course of action.  Nope.  These people don't care that a majority of Americans are looking at them and thinking "asswipes," or that this stunt is going to lose them voters in the next election.  These 21 people are not only shitting in their pants, they're sitting down and squishing it around because they want an authoritarian government led by their Lord and Savior Donald Trump.  They are destined to fail... badly, and the longer this continues, the worse their downfall will be.


  1. I'm seeing quite a few trolls on other people's blogs at the moment. You know, the ones that say "nice blog" and then have a picture of a sexy girl and something written in an Asian language. Not on my blog as I moderate, but those that don't, seem to be getting quite a few!

    1. I moderate, too, not because these comments crop up frequently, I just like being in control.