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Wednesday, September 6, 2023


The hot temps are here!  My central air conditioning is running, though not constantly, on and off throughout the day.  They'll be gone after tomorrow, as rain brings in cooler weather as we head into the end of summer.  I'm ready for autumn.

The final estimate came in on the kitchen redo.  The contractor will take 3 days, meaning I will be without a kitchen sink for at least 2 of them.  Crappo.  The only other sink in the house is in the bathroom, so I guess that means I'll be eating out of paper bowls and off paper plates unless I want to do the dishes when I shower... just kidding.  She also want to start in 2 weeks, which is too early for me.  I don't want her to begin until after the electrician is finished, so I'm sending her an email to let her know the first week in October would be so much better.

My Hulu runs out on September 8.  I had thought I might be able to watch the entire season of Only Murders in the Building, but that isn't going to happen.  While certain parts of the show are very funny, when it gets dramatic it tends to get bogged down.  Quite often I feel that the backstories are being used mostly as filler, not really necessary, and insure that the season lasts a full 10 episodes.

My sink arrives today!  The dishwasher not until the 26th.  I went with an LG.  Also, I went with white since all of the colors in the kitchen are going to be white and off-whites.  I don't like the industrial look of stainless steel.

I saw where Enrique Torres, leader of the Proud Boys was sentenced to 22 years in jail yesterday.  I understand at his sentencing hearing, he said that he now understood that Trump not only lied, but lost.  The truth was Enrique and his group of thugs were just looking for a reason and the Orange Anus handed them one on a silver platter.  He'll be hitting his senior years by the time he gets out of prison.  Don't feel sorry for him though, with his rep he'll probably do just fine behind bars.

There have been several articles here lately on Biden and why he's so unpopular.  Here's my take:  mostly it's his age.  People may piss and moan about a number of other things, but let's face it, he's 80. I, for one, will tell you that he's too old.  I'm getting older, and while I still consider myself to still be sharp as a tack, I have noticed certain small limitations that come with encroaching seniorhood.  To be old, is to be wise does not mean I'm still proficient at making snap judgments.  I don't doubt he'll win re-election, but it will be because the other guy is so much worse, not because of his qualifications.


  1. Good choice on the appliance. I love the look of stainless steel and in the past I've had it but it's such a pain to keep clean, as it shows every little stain and fingerprint.

    I think I tend to agree about Biden's age that's probably why he's unpopular. How to watch so difficult to find someone younger. Hint hint hint... Pete! And if we don't get a president soon that takes up minimum wage ....they're all pain in my ass. I feel sorry for these people have to work two and three jobs and still can't make it.

    1. Our new fridge is fingerprint-less and though I don't know how it works, the prints don't show!
      As it is we're stuck with Biden who, at any age, is better than anything on that other side. And if he wins it'll open the doors for Pete.

  2. Ohhh I kind of like stainless steel, though. It depends on the rest of the kitchen, of course. Off white is also pretty.
    I think the Proud Boys are still functioning, no? Even without the head. Betsy DeVos will fund them.
    And I'm with you. I think uncle Joe is on the older side, but he's done a great job up until now?
    I wish he'd win the presidency and then leave and let Kamala be president. The repugs would shit a brick. LOL


    1. I'll post pics when the kichen's finished. Harris becoming president is one of the things Republicans fear most.