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Friday, September 1, 2023

Living to 100

 Friday has arrived with some much cooler temps.  Right now it's 53 (F) outside, but fear not for a warming trend is going to start tomorrow that will take our temps up into the middle 90s (F).  Right now the weathermen are forecasting a high of 97 (F) on Tuesday, so prepare yourselves because now that we're in September, every ying yang out there is going to begin shrieking Indian Summer. 

Much was accomplished yesterday:  weight training, as well as a bike ride.  I have a goal of 300 minutes of serious activity to hit each week; eighty minutes was done yesterday.  More will be done today.  I did have a bit of a scare after the kettlebell workout since my lower spine wasn't used to flexing in all the directions in which I needed to move.  Now that my schedule has been normalized again, I'm back to my old regime.  Also, now that school has started, I'm thinking of activating my membership at Planet Fitness.

The New York Times has done a big write-up on Starfield, not a review, but an expose on the game's development.  Other reviews are coming in and I haven't seen a bad on yet.

I did watch The Blue Zones, a documentary on Netflix and found some of it rather fascinating, especially since I've decided to live to be 100.  While there are quite a few things we can do to enrich and extend our lives, there are things we cannot change, one of the most important is our DNA.  It does help to have long lived individuals in your family.  That's something Dan Buettner fails to mention, not a word is mentioned about living siblings, or how old they were when they died.

Lots of people are talking about Zombie Mitch, and how he loses total focus at times when he's speaking.  While we've seen 2 episodes while he's speaking, but who knows how many episodes happen daily when the he's not in the public's eye.  I'm betting 2 might be just the tip of the iceberg.  One of these days he's going to have one big stroke rather than the minis we're seeing, and even then I doubt if he'd resign.

Funny thing about Trump's Georgia indictments is that every one of the defendants is trying to sever themselves, rather than have one huge trial.  Trump wanted to delay his, stupidly thinking he's going to be re-elected, while Sidney Powell, and others, are pushing for a speedy trial.  A speedy trial means a lot of the information is put into the public eye, which means Trump's going to claim he can't get a fair trial because people will have already made up their minds.  Isn't it nice to know he's in a no win situation?



  1. He made his rat's nest, he can lie in it, and die in it.

    1. And if we're lucky, we'll get to see him do it.

  2. We've had appalling high temperatures too and then just like that it's dropped 20°C. I guess that's September for you! I also saw Mitch's glitches and think it's about time he stepped down (and a few others too)!

    1. Our temps haven't really been that warm, so I don't mind a few hot days. And I agree with you about Mitch (and a few others). He's going to end his political career in humiliation.