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Monday, September 4, 2023

Labor (Labour) Day

 Well, I've got a paid holiday today: Labor Day, and I will be laboring, with food, of course.  I might possibly go grazing before I leave work this afternoon, and yes, I'll be leaving the store around 3:30 ish.  They temps are suppose climb into the high 90s (F) this afternoon, tomorrow, Wednesday, but they they drop back to what we've been experiencing for most of the summer.

The store was busier yesterday than I had been expecting, at least early in the day, by the time dinner rolled around it was clearing out.  As expected, almost everyone walking in the door was expecting to find every thing with a reduced sale price, that never happens.  There is a "buy more, save more" sale going on in appliances, and it's an okay say if you feel the need to buy more than one appliance.  My refrigerator is fine, so's my stove, so taking that much debt to replace them would be dumb at this time.


Nazis paraded in Florida and fuckhead Ronnie DeSantis said nothing.  Ronnie is so unbelievably out of touch with America.  I cannot believe someone who graduated from Yale is this damn stupid.


  1. I loved a video of the Nazis bragging about themselves and their "cause" while wearing full masks and glasses over their faces. So proud, but they have to hide their identity.

    1. And these videos made all major media outlets without condemnation from Republicans.

  2. Well somebody was at the bottom of their graduating class. It was probably Ronnie.