I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023


 Well the long weekend is over and it's back to work for many, but not me.  I will never be scheduled to work on a Tuesday because I'm simply not available to be scheduled.  The same goes for Wednesday.  Ain't it nice?  

The weather forecast for today is hot again, with our expected high to be around 96 (F).  That's toasty, not nearly as warm as some of the temperatures many of you have been experiencing this summer, so you all have my condolences.  I have to admit I do find it rather amusing that this late in the Summer, or perhaps I should say this close to Fall, we are dealing with our warmest temps so far this year.  My A/C is finally doing what in previous years it did throughout late June, July, and August.

Business was slow yesterday, at least around the Flooring desk, other departments in the store were busy, but we weren't.  There were weaners and hamburgers from the grill, and chicken, too, but I stuck with the burgers and weaners.  And I didn't graze.  I'm rather pleased about that since I need to take off a few pounds before November arrives.  

What was selling was our Halloween decorations.  Oh, my, my, my, were they flying out of the store.  I snapped a few pics to give you all an idea of what that set-up looks like.  The Jack Skellington is 18 feet high, something almost overwhelming when you're standing right next to him.

I find it fascinating that the crowd at Burning Man is finally beginning to disperse, though the mud is still deep.  Why fascinating?  Because conservatives jumped all over that festival blaming the torrential rains on everything conservatives hate, while the attendees, themselves, are saying the experience was amazing.  Sure, there may be one or two gripers, the ones whose cars will be stuck in the mud because they tried to leave early.  For many of those people this will be their Woodstock, with the great music, of course.  Let's face it, right now Republicans are looking for dead horses to kick in their attempt to take media attention away from the Spawn of Satan.  What they really need to do is sit back and enjoy an good weenie... well, we know that will never happen.


  1. The only fun a Republican has is denying rights to women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community, so they don't get Burning Man.

  2. Whoa.
    Eighteen feet? What? People go a little overboard with these decorations.
    And the whole Burning Man was a bunch of privileged people who got a chance to complain about something that was not within their power to change. With Good Music.


    1. I didn't know you considered Heartthrob Anderson a privileged person since he was one of many LGBTQ people at Burning Man... he had a blast, if you want to know.