I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Sunday, December 4, 2022


 Well, if today hasn't started out lazy.  Sunshine is pouring in through the windows.  The temps are supposed to climb into the mid 40s (F).  A nice, quiet day is in store.  I had made plans to drive down to York to have lunch with my friend Betsy, but we've postponed that until next Sunday.  That leaves today open for me and, shock of shocks, there are no loads of laundry waiting to be washed!

The company that manufactured the bar cart I'm using in my laundry room sent me an email.  They said they would replace the part that split and asked for a photo of the split and the part number.  Honestly, their response seem on the up and up, however, looking at their reviews, fulfillment doesn't seem to be a priority.  In the mean time, I've done a search on how to fix the 'split,' and may take the matter into my own hands.

Yesterday was slow at work, at least in Flooring.  Garden was busy; lotsa people were buying trees, real and artificial.  And Christmas decorations were being sold, secular lawn ornaments were flying out of the store.  We don't sell a lot creches.  You can have your choice of either a black or white audio animatronic Santas., but just try and fine even one of the Three Wise Men.  So tell me, how's this for crass commercialism?

And, speaking of splitting, I saw where Lara Trump is exiting Fox News.  She evidently got the gig because of her last name and Fox wanted to both capitalize and commercialize on it.  She was a contributor, at least that's what they called her.  Of course, since I never watch Fox, I have no idea if she was ever anything more than a mouthpiece of the Orange Anus.

Her father-in-law did post a demented rant yesterday on Truth Social calling for the termination of the election laws in the constitution in order so the bad election of 2020 could be thrown out and he could be put back in power.  A day doesn't go by when he doesn't publicly post his desperation.  He knows that his Christmas stocking will undoubtedly be filled with indictments, which are far worse than simple coal.

Finally, the Republican party is the minority political party in the United States with about 30 million people voting for what they claim to be a socially conservative agenda.  About 20 million of those have sworn fealty to Trump.  When the indictments come, and they will be coming, this group will split away from the group considered traditional Republicans.  They may, in fact. form a new party, not that they will have any political sway.  This is a no win situation for the party.  The second the first protests starts after the first indictment, the GOP will launch itself into a death spiral.  Splitting and splintering into a thousand pieces.


  1. It's been almost 4 years....the dump needs to move on. And man, that Santa is tacky.

    1. We have that Santa (or at least we had one) in our store. Tacky is too nice a word.

  2. That animated Santa is something my sister would probably buy for her home (God knows she's got enough Christmas junk already), but it would drive me nuts!

    1. Both Santas sing 2 complete songs, each lasting around 2 minutes, it's revolting.