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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Entry

Yep, today is Thanksgiving, it's also Thursday and a day off work.

I baked a cake last evening:

From Scratch.  It's tasty.  I'm taking it to my sister's for desert.
Here's a pic from of me at my brother's Thanksgiving from 2014.  I was heavier then, before I got back into cycling.  You can think of this as a snap from the eating years.

Nice, huh?
And, in case you are wondering, I really am thankful today.  The high winds blew the rest of my leaves over into my neighbor's yard.


  1. what kind of cake did you make? and can I have a slice please?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving - and way to go to get rid of your leaves huh! Although looking at my back yard lately I think some of your leaves might have gone transatlantic! You're welcome!

    1. You'll know if they're mine because my neighbor's trash can lid went sailing through the air with them this morning.